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On a Red Sox trip to Tampa
Hi!  I am Susan.  I was born and raised in Northern West Virginia - that was WEST, not Virginia.  I met my darling husband, The Mister, in Pittsburgh, PA 145 years ago, and we have been married for 11 1/2 years to date (or forever as he tells it!).  We waited 7 years before starting our family, and enjoyed many years of travel and fun - Italy, Spain, Germany, Mallorca, Holland, Punta Cana, Cancun, and many, MANY US destinations.

Amsterdam 2006

I am a trained Mechanical Engineer, just like my husband.  However, the nature of the Mister's job was such that we weren't ever in one place very long.  So I more or less kept myself busy for those 7 years.  Let me count the careers: substitute teacher, preschool teacher, granite company Materials Manager, long term substitute teacher, Payroll Processor, e-tailer Financial Analyst, e-tailer Marketing, e-tailer Product Line Leader, and then finally MOM, blogger, Advocare Distributor, soon-to-be 1/2 marathoner.  Don't let anyone say that engineering doesn't prepare you for anything :)!

Fast forward to today... we are now the proud parents of K-Man, 5 years and Mini-Me, 18 months.  They are the joy and the craziness that is our life.

I started blogging initially for our family members.  K-Man was a baby and we lived far away from everyone in GA.  Just this September, I decided to start writing more regularly.  This is my outlet, my fun, my peace - just a place to write what I think about, what I am interested in or maybe what really ticks me off!  Some days, you might find something about my family, others it will be my quest to get fit and finish my first 1/2 and then there will be days that I should probably not write LOL.  No matter what I write, I hope to entertain you as I do entertain myself!

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