Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Bunny Fail

So disappointed this morning.  After searching for all the perfect Easter basket items, coming up with the clues, and leaving a note for the oldest who reads - "Come get us at 7am, and we will start the hunt.  Don't look without us!"  They arrived in our room at 7 on the nose with a proclamation from the 4 year old, "We had jelly beans in our room and found our baskets.  They were in my room!"

What do you say to that?  Well, thanks, you just ruined Easter?  That is sort of how I feel.  I know it is ridiculous, after all, I chose the 4 year old's bottom bunk for the hiding spot - completely hidden mind you, but still...  I knew she was the wild card, gambled and lost.

Now how do you go back to the exciting whirlwind basket hunt when they have already inspected every inch of their baskets.  I suppose they will still be excited for what's in them, but I hate that I totally missed seeing the joy for what they got.

I seriously don't know how to recapture the morning. :(


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