Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just a Phase

I read somewhere once that everything in your child's growing years is just a phase.  Unfortunately, that means the good things as well as the bad.  Right now I have a  mixture of both going on in the house, and thought I would share.


He loves to read books at night, and the last thing he always tells me is "I love you very much, Mom".

He is testing how to react to things - AKA he is overdramatic.

He has decided to sleep naked. LMAO.  I can't decide if this is good or bad, but hoping just a phase!


She likes to tell me "You are my best friend" and "I am so proud of you".  So stinking cute!

She is waking up at 6:40am again.  I think because we took away the pacifier at bed.  Please let that be a phase!

She has is currently perfecting a noise to hopefully get her brother in trouble without ever saying a word.  Typically followed by a comment from Brother, "It wasn't my fault".  Not sure this is entirely bad, since it is obviously alerting us to misconduct.  She hasn't realized yet that it might be her own.

In general, my favorite thing right now is when they really PLAY together.  I hear their laughter ringing through the house.  So so wonderful.   I know they will have their ups and downs, but I hope they always find a place to laugh together.

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