Friday, October 11, 2013

Women and Social Media

I honestly didn't have a topic this morning when I first woke. As I started reading within my various social media groups, one quickly emerged.  I am a member of a few private groups on Facebook - mostly running/fitness or mom related.  Some of the groups are large - 1000+ members and some are small 40+ members.  Only 1 large group that I participate in maintains civility all the time.  Yep - ONE!

I was trying to determine why, when it hit me.  First it is Disney running related.  I mean, who can be mad in the Disney world LOL.  But second, it is also mixed sex, meaning male and females are members of the board.  There is occasional snarkiness, but for the most part, things stay pretty mellow.  I like it there.  I think the men balance it out because well... let's be honest, they aren't quite into the drama that women are.

Then there are the other large groups.  They are ALL comprised of women only.  And let me tell you, there are a lot of unhappy people out there.  I don't know if it is because they can hide behind the computer or what, but it seems they think they can just say whatever whenever.  They don't care or think remotely before typing.  I have already removed myself from one group because of such behavior.  I don't need negativity in my life - especially virtually.  I might be removing myself from another as well.  I haven't decided yet because as a whole, I like why the group came to be.

I maybe am not meant to be in a large crew like that - maybe that is why sorority didn't stick for me LMAO.  I like the smaller tight knit group where people care about each other, and know when to censor themselves.  Where they watch out for each other instead of attacking words.  Because truthfully, typed things are not always as they appear.  You can not tell inflection, tone, facial expressions someone has from a typed post.  You have to stop and think, and sometimes let it go.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just a Phase

I read somewhere once that everything in your child's growing years is just a phase.  Unfortunately, that means the good things as well as the bad.  Right now I have a  mixture of both going on in the house, and thought I would share.


He loves to read books at night, and the last thing he always tells me is "I love you very much, Mom".

He is testing how to react to things - AKA he is overdramatic.

He has decided to sleep naked. LMAO.  I can't decide if this is good or bad, but hoping just a phase!


She likes to tell me "You are my best friend" and "I am so proud of you".  So stinking cute!

She is waking up at 6:40am again.  I think because we took away the pacifier at bed.  Please let that be a phase!

She has is currently perfecting a noise to hopefully get her brother in trouble without ever saying a word.  Typically followed by a comment from Brother, "It wasn't my fault".  Not sure this is entirely bad, since it is obviously alerting us to misconduct.  She hasn't realized yet that it might be her own.

In general, my favorite thing right now is when they really PLAY together.  I hear their laughter ringing through the house.  So so wonderful.   I know they will have their ups and downs, but I hope they always find a place to laugh together.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - I wasn't kidding

Aren't they pretty though?!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And the Hunt is On!

I know I have mentioned tingly toes before, but I have finally decided it might actually be an issue.  One week before my impromptu half marathon, my 3rd and 4th toe on the left foot went numb.  I have barely had any sensation other than tingly toe in them since.  Sounds fun, right?  It doesn't hurt or anything, it is just a weird feeling.  I ran the half with no issue, but the pads of my feet were a bit achy, which means mama needs new running shoes anyway.  And the hunt is on!

I started researching a bit about the tingly toe issue I am having.  I may or may not have an actual condition called Morton's Neuroma, more or less a compressed nerve bundle in the foot.  It is common, but also more often accompanied by pain and the feeling of standing on a marble.  That part I don't have.  I am hoping that means I am A. Only in the early stages, or B.  Just have nerve compression/ a pinched nerve.  There is also the possibility it is nerve damage from a childhood injury.  I stepped on a tent stake at a swim meet.  Either way, I need shoes, and decided not to settle for what I have been wearing.

I went first to my local running store.  I tried new stuff, and he eventually fitted me into Brooks Glycerin but a 1/2 size smaller than what I usually wear.  I wasn't thrilled to be honest.  I felt like there had to be other options.  And the the size change really concerned me.  I ran 2 days in them, and just wasn't sold.  Mini-Me and I returned them within the week.

Next up Zero Drop Altra's.  I decided to try these based on information from a fellow runner.  You can't buy them in the store, so I had to order 2 pair in various sizes to try.  I also got Mizuno Evo's at the same time, but the initial feel of those put them right back in the box.  The concept of a zero drop is supposed to mimic a natural step - no elevation change from toe to heel.  This was a dramatic change for me.  I have a pretty high arch and wasn't sure what to think, but willing pretty much to try anything at this point.  I wore them all day after they arrived.  Then ran 2 miles, and that was it in the evening.  My arches and ankles ached SO bad the next day, that I actually iced my feet more than 24 hours later. BLAH.  RETURN.

Another running friend suggested Sketchers Go Runs.  I know what you are thinking... Sketchers for running?!  But seriously, they have 3 different styles and an Olympic ultra marathoner wears them.  They have some engineered design to promote a mid-foot strike.  We happen to have a Sketchers store, so I made the trek this past weekend.  All the running shoes were 20% off, and I could return them anytime within 30 days to get a full refund.  Of course, I bought them.  I wore them all day yesterday, and they felt okay.  Then I ran for 1 mile in them today.  I could feel the way they "promote the mid-foot strike", and honestly didn't love it.  I felt I was running very heavy.  I could feel every move of the treadmill and hear it, which isn't normal.  Next!

5 pairs arrived from Running Warehouse yesterday afternoon - 4 pairs of Nike and 1 pair of New Balance.  I used their modeling tool to determine size and fit based on the good fit of my first pair of Glycerins.  First, I tried them all on, which immediately ruled out the Nike LunarGlide.  New Balance almost never fits, but they were ok, so they were given a reprieve to the run test.  Nike Free 4 and Nike Free 5 felt comfy, but also needed the run test, and the Nike Air Pegasus were like a slipper.  I left those on for the rest of the evening, and you know, I started to regain feeling in the toes!

Once the kids finally settled in bed, I went down for the run test.  I ran 1/2 a mile in each shoe.  Pegasus felt fantastic, truthfully.  The NB was ruled out pretty quickly.  I remember why I never choose them.  There is something in their design that pushes on the front part of my arch, and the toe box was way tighter than what I can handle.  Nike Free 5s have this trim on the outside of the toe box.  On the left foot, it was in perfect alignment with my little toe.  Scratch...  Nike Free 4s have an interesting tongue situation - it is attached on one side.  I like the feel of them walking and running, so they have also earned a spot in the testing pool.

I plan to give it a week or two alternating between the Free 4s and the Pegasus.  Running Warehouse actually gives you 90 days, which is fantastic, but I won't need that long to decide.  My next half is in 32 days.  No time to waste!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Afternoon Kindergarten Routine

When you are building/buying a house, you are looking for all sorts of things - this size yard, a walk out basement, a 2 car garage, maybe a decent school district.  There are a few things that I wish I had considered now.  First Universal Pre-K - FREE 4 year old pre-K instead of the $1200 or so that we invested so K-Man could go 3 days a week.  Also, I really wish we had realized that Kindergarten in our district is only 1/2 day.  Neither is a huge deal, but literally 5 miles away is a district with universal pre-K AND full day Kindergarten.

Alas, we are where we are, and we were dealt afternoon Kindergarten.  I actually think we might have gotten the better of the 2 options.  Morning Kindergarten starts at 8:05am and ends at 10:40am.  That means an awful early morning to catch the bus, and the kids are home by 11am.  If you needed to run errands or anything, you are limited since little is open when they actually leave the house.

Now to the perils of 11:40am to 2:15pm for Afternoon Kindergarten.  We had to first figure out when the heck to eat lunch.  He catches the bus at 11:23am - luckily right out front, but still.  My son eats like his dad, slow and methodically.  And he also eats a pretty large meal for a 5 1/2 year old: ham and cheese sandwich along with fruit and milk.  After a couple days of trial and error, we have settled on 10:30am, which sounds utterly ridiculous.   It is however, working.  He rarely finishes his food by 11am, so there is still plenty of time for shoes, bathroom and getting the backpack before heading out the front door.

Problem number 2 comes after the bus leaves.  Never mind the fact that the driver has not been on time EVER in 4 weeks of school.  Mini-Me and I can't possibly leave the house before 11:30, putting us anywhere (grocery store, post office, etc) by 11:45 at the earliest.  We have exactly 1 hour to get things done and be back in the car heading home so she can nap at 1pm.  I feel a little crazed with this, no lie.

This week, I am going to start a new "routine" so to speak.  Mini-Me has library class on Mondays, and K-Man joins us.  If we don't HAVE to do anything else, we will come straight home after and have lunch.  If we do HAVE to do errands, we will take lunch and drop K-Man at school instead of him riding the bus.

On Tuesdays, we are going to grocery shop.  I haven't decided just yet if it will be with both kids or after the K-Man goes to school.  There is also the possibility of grocery delivery, but it also requires preplanning.  I have to look into it again.

Wednesdays we are going to stay home until nap so that we can get some things done around the house.  I am going to reserve this for playdates too.

We have an arrangement with the neighbor that K-Man will get on the bus at their house on Thursdays.  This lets Mini-Me and me go run errands earlier than 11:30.  I have decided to use this for those multi-stop errands - Lowes for X, USPS for Y, Target for Z...

And finally, Fridays, we will again stay home to try and get things done in the house.  Oh, and I need to run sometime in there!!  Let's see how this pans out.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The End of an Era

I remember being very sad when the K-Man decided he wanted to choose the decor of his room.  It was so cute with this vinyl cling of construction trucks and his name, that I had bought on Etsy.  But he received as a gift some vinyl clings of super heroes, and of course, they had to go somewhere.  Down came the trucks and up went the new characters.  He has since switched themes at least 4 times.  I have actually decided he is done.  We are staying with the theme of Star Wars/Angry Birds, no matter what other things he gets into for awhile.  We will go broke trying to keep up with the new big thing.  And I also have that little issue of liking things to go together.  So we couldn't have Star Wars bedding and some other character on the wall. LOL  And yes that is a tent over his bed.  It was a fort kit from his Aunt 2 years ago now, I think.  The fort went up and never came down!

Original Big Boy Set Up

It has now come to be Mini-Me's time to sort of choose her decor.  We were testing the waters with the crib switched to a toddler bed, but it was time to move to a big bed.  My sister's family is to be blessed with twins this winter, and the crib is being paged to bigger and better days.  So Mini-Me moved to a big girl bed this weekend.  As an enticement from the toddler bed, we, of course, offered new sheets.  To her delight, she is now sleeping on Princess sheets, or as she refers to them as "Sleeping Booty" sheets.  We already had some gifted wall clings in a Princess design that I was holding off on because I wasn't ready for her to call the shots on decor.  The poor little space above her bed seemed so bare though, so I relented.

The tree and birds are still up adjacent to the Princesses.  I am not quite ready for that to go.  I thought this was a fine compromise, except when I went to put the black comforter on top of said sheets, Mini-Me about came undone and promptly pulled it off.  I guess I have to break down and buy the darn comforter too now.  Oh well, the great thing is she is more than content to sleep solidly in her new big girl bed... even took a 3 1/2 hour nap yesterday!  You can tell from the smile, that she likes it just a little.

It is just crazy how fast these things happen :o(.