Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oops! Accidental Summer Off

So, I never intended to take the summer off from Blogging.  Somehow that is still how it happened.  I also sort of took the summer off from running.  It isn't that I didn't want to do both of those things.  In so many ways, they are intertwined for me.  Perhaps that is why it wasn't just one or the other.  Hmm...

At Grandma & Grandpa's in WV
I didn't think I was all that busy, but if you look at the calendar, maybe I am wrong.  We started it off with a trip to WV to visit my parents.  The Mister was supposed to be out of town, so the kids and I  decided we should too.  The K-Man took swim lessons where I used to work as a lifeguard.  We went to a pool with a water slide and mini-golfing with my parents.  We visited with aunts, uncles and cousins. All and all, it was a great kick-off into summer.

When we returned the K-Man started summer camp, which was 5 days a week this year.  It was still only 1/2 day, but that is more than he did for pre-K, and quite a jump!  Camp was fantastic this year.  They had a new instructor, who is regularly a 3rd grade teacher.  Their activities definitely reflected that.  While he was a camp, the Mini-Me and I would go do errands or maybe a fun activity for her.

We had family visit.  The Mister and I dipped our toes into the world of tent camping.  And we got a pass to the NY State Parks (a great deal by the way!).  Picnics, parties, work on the house, visits to the horse track.  And woosh!  Here we are to the my little (ok 4 foot plus) 5 year old, K-Man heading off to his first year of real school.  How on earth did time pass so quickly?

I promise not to let time pass that fast again.  After all, I have lots of stories from the summer to draw on.  Stay tuned :)


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