Friday, September 27, 2013

Impromptu Half Marathon

My family post race

I started training for another 1/2 Marathon in August.  I haven't been totally committed to my training schedule, as I was with the first one.  I manage my weekday runs with no issues, but the weekends are tough.  I have a long run every Sunday.  And now that I have run the distance before, it seems like every long training run is 10-13 miles.  That is always a 2 hr+ training day for me.  I have to be honest, I have skipped one, or three.  I had good reasons - family in, camping with the Mister, and at a friends in NYC.  Still, I need my body to know it can do it when the race day comes.

In typical Susan fashion, I have a network of online running communities.  One group is the Presque Isle Runners, comprised of people from all over the world.  It just so happens that there are many members in around a 4 hour radius of me.  So when I mentioned running 12 miles one Sunday, I was invited to join some others in the Rochester 1/2 Marathon as more or less a training run for me.  Of course, this training run was going to require me to either leave the family for the weekend or take them along on this journey.

For the half in DC, we decided taking the whole family didn't make sense.  But Rochester is only 3 1/2 hours, and the beloved Lego store is there...  And I have a fabulous husband who was willing to make the 7 hour roundtrip to let me run for a little over 2 hours.   Of course, I signed up with less than 1 month to the run.  No one is shocked, right?  My training run was supposed to be at 11:16 minute mile, about an entire minute slower than I ran my half in April.  This was good though, I could take it easy, and enjoy.  Then came race day.

The PIR team in Rochester
Who was I kidding?  You get adrenaline going, you run with people, and next thing you know, you are finishing the first 5K in 28 minutes!  Umm... not going to be able to maintain that pace for 10 more miles.  I ended up finishing in 2:14:55.   A bit faster than I intended, and a little mad at myself for overrunning portions.  My GPS said I did 13.45 miles, which means I was running WAY OFF the tangents.  Inside corners, Susan!  You were taught that by a seasoned runner in April, but sort of forgot that day.  But, I was also pleased with the fact that my GPS had me at 10:06 average mile based on actual mileage.  Sweet!  

This was a great experience for me for a few reasons.  The first being that my family got to be there for this accomplishment.  Even though I had already done it before, having them there meant even more.  Second, I got to meet and run with some really great people.   (One of whom has run the Boston Marathon before - crazy, right?!)  And finally because I reminded myself that I can do this.  Oh, and I learned I am in the need of new shoes LOL.

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Bling and Belated Celebratory Drink

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  1. That's amazing! Congrats on your time! Good tip on cutting corners too, I had that happen with my last 10k- I finished and my ap said 6.5 miles and I was like how is that possible? Someone had to remind me they do the corner cutting thing. Got to remember that on race days! :)


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