Thursday, June 6, 2013

Part Time Blogging

That isn't really my intention!  But somehow over the last 5 weeks, that is exactly what my blogging has become.  It makes me remember why I didn't go back to work after my son was born.  I tried too, part time, working from home.  I have a problem though.  I am a perfectionist.  And I like to do whatever I am doing well, at minimum.  I found that I would get into the groove of taking care of that new baby, get him laid down for a nap, start on work, only to have to stop and start the cycle over again.  I never like one of the situations would always suffer, so I chose to focus on being a mom.  Seeing as blogging is my outlet, and not my job... oh well :o).

What exactly do I do when I am not blogging?  Well today, we hit the park with some friends, then a quick grocery stop.  Then, I had to sew pockets shut on my shorts.  I can see the quizzical look on your face now.  What?  Am I the only one that doesn't like slanted pockets on the fronts of shorts or pants?  Seriously?  I stopped buying them all together for many years.  Only since I have lost some hips with running have I attempted to wear them again.  Except that I realized quickly why I do not like them. 

Even wearing a size 2, I have hips.  And as the day progresses and I am playing with the kids, the inner parts of the pockets start to make their appearance and puff out the hip area.  How did I realize it, you might wonder.  Well, I made the mistake of looking in the mirror LOL.  It is not attractive.  I think it makes me look like a frump.  Unfortunately, the options of pants with other types of pockets is limited, so I am forced to purchase these. And today, I sewed the pockets are all shut.

Now, I am off to build a Wipe Out scene with Legos.  Thanks to all those that suggested watching Wipe Out with the K-Man.  He loves it. 

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