Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Now What?!

Half training is done. My first half is done.  I am sort of floating along physically at the moment, and I have to say... NOT loving it!  You know what I discovered through this training journey?  Working out regularly makes for one happy mommy, wife and overall person.  Huh!  It's like the Doctors knew what they were talking about all along LOL.  Dumb endorphins!  I also like having that carrot at the end of the stick to chase after.  So, what do I do now?

I have searched everything I can to locate some distance runs in the area.  I don't necessarily want another 1/2 just yet, but maybe a 10K or 15K?  So far, I am coming up with very little.  Can someone explain why the few that are out there start after 9am?!  Have these people never run before?  The last race that I ran around that hour made for one HOT day.  Seriously, it was only a 5K and the temperatures hit 90 when I was done!!  That was in late May last year.  I am not sure I am interested in starting a 10K at 10:30am. 

I may just be resigned to 5Ks.  Sigh.  But then it is a matter of where, how many, and how much I am willing to spend.  I am torn these days on 5Ks though.  I can run one tomorrow.  Heck, I ran one today - on the treadmill.  The issue really is that if I am going to run a bunch, I need to get faster.  I am ALMOST 39, which means the top of my age group.  Chances are, I am not going to "win" a race, but am I willing to just go at my pace.  Not really, if I am honest.  Each time, I will expect more, and I don't want to set myself up for injury before my half in November.  Still contemplating this...

I did decide to finally sign up for the local Road Runners Club.  I had been holding off, but it really would be great to find people to run with more regularly.  Even though I can really only get outside on Saturday or Sunday, I think I might enjoy that.  I also want to try and find ways to increase my speed on the long distance.  I don't have to go all crazy times or anything, but wouldn't it be cool to get a personal record again in Walt Disney World's Wine & Dine?

So until I decide on my next feat, I am going to fill in the blanks with my basic At Home Cross Fit Workouts, that I wrote back in October.  I started back today with the 800m run alternated with the 50 pushups.  My wrist was giving me a bit of trouble after the second set, so I switched to planks on my elbows along with girlie pushups.  No pushups for a few more days.  Hopefully it will straighten out for the next round.  I am going to modify said schedule shown through the link though:

Sunday - Outside Run/Race
Monday - Off
Tuesday - 800m Run, 50 Pushups x 3 plus run to = 30 min Running Total
Wednesday - 800m Run, 50 squats x 3 plus run to = 30 min Running Total
Thursday - 800m run, 1 min side planks L/R, 800m run, 50 oblique crunches x2
Friday - 1/2m run, 50 crunches x 3 plus run to = 30 min Running Total
Saturday - Off


  1. I am not doing many races this summer either... just going to run on my own and keep it early and cool... or on the treadmill if it gets too bad!

    1. I am thinking I need to get up before the kids and go. It is 90 here today and even the thought of the treadmill is daunting!

  2. I'm right there with you but I was so exhausted from training that I vowed to take this week off. How funny that you signed up for one in November too. That is when my next one is.

    I think I really like the 10k distance. I haven't signed up for a race for June yet but we have that big bike ride. I feel like I should still sign up for a running race though.

    1. I feel like the races keep me motivated to be running on the treadmill or otherwise. But something about preparing for a 30 minute run seems kind of blah to me.

  3. I took like a week and a half break and actually just did my first run post-half last night. Of course, that one was done with practically no training. I am going to follow an actual training schedule for my next one in September and I like the idea of doing 5Ks to increase my speed. There seems to be a ton around Kansas City, so I know I'll have no shortage of choices!

    The running club sounds like a lot of fun and you'll always have people to run with!

    1. I could literally run a 5K every weekend here. Nothing has been terribly appealing just yet.


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