Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nike Women's Half Marathon - Part 3

After arriving on Friday, my friend recommended that we go get our packets and hit the Nike Expo in Georgetown.  We navigated the Metro pretty easily from our hotel in Crystal City to the site.  Packet pickup was a breeze, and the Expo was just ok.  Not to much to see unless you wanted to have your hair done by Paul Mitchell, makeup by Bare Minerals, or check out the new Nike products.  Don't tell them, but I really don't wear anything from ANY of those vendors.  Nike Pegasus were my first running shoes, but other than that... nada.

The next day we hit up Nike Town in Georgetown for our NWHM Flair.  Thank goodness we were there early because let me tell you... crazy town within hours.  We were also pleased to have gotten our packets the night before because that was also madness.  Do you know that Nike makes special Tiffany blue shoes for these events?  They aren't meant to be running shoes, and I suppose they are stylish.  I just couldn't see buying $100 tennis shoes for show.  Needless to say, I didn't come home with any.

I spent the rest of the day seeing the sites in DC with 3 other Team Victorious members.  I haven't been to DC in nearly 20 years, so there were actually some new things for me - the Korean War Memorial and the World War II Memorial.  Pretty neat sights too!  I would have loved to have gotten to Air and Space, but decided 5 hours of walking was probably sufficient the day before running 13.1 miles.  We still had a team dinner, and I had also realized I had forgotten my Boston Red Sox visor. UGH!  So we also had a small mission of finding a visor as well.

^^^My flat runner profile :)... I like the numbers.  All good ones in my life.  My birthday, my son's and my daughter's all fall on an 8th of the month, and my anniversary is the 18th.

Final details tomorrow!
PS:  Consider this my non-scale victory this week :).  Thanks, KTJ!


  1. This is a great NSV! Way to go, so impressive. Thanks for linking up!

  2. We almost all have 8's in our birthdays except for my oldest. Poor kid feels left out.


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