Monday, May 20, 2013

Best Mother's Day Gift Ever!!

Since I had some catching up to do, the Mother's Day post had to wait.  First of all, Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the wonderful mom's out there.  Did you all read the post floating around out there about what mother's really want?  Pretty funny stuff from Chicago NOW!  Ironically, I sort of got some of them without even asking!

As readers know, I have lost a fair amount of weight over the last year.  Well, with weight loss comes the need for new clothes.  Seriously people, I have 2 pair of jeans, 2 pair of dress pants and 1 skirt at this point.  I am sort of ok in the shirt department since that part hasn't been as dramatically affected by the weight loss.  The pants/bottoms situation though was becoming dismal, especially with warmer weather on the horizon.

The darling Mister offered as my gift that I take the day and go shopping - BY MY SELF!!  I can hear the gasps coming out of your mouths.  I know.  I had to mentally contain the little happy dance going on in my head when he mentioned it!  He really meant it too.  No timetable, a reasonable spending limit and a couple stipulations (he wanted dresses and skirts, for me to be clear).  So after taking the morning to sleep in until the ripe hour of 8:52AM, I got myself up, and ready and out the door about an hour later LOL.  Ever try to escape from 2 young children, they are wily!

I decided on the outlets in Massachusetts since they were equidistant to those in NY.  There is no sales tax there on clothes either.  Cha-Ching!  My mission was shorts, capris, skirts and dresses.  Challenging might be an understatement, but I was determined in a few areas... 1. to actually buy some, and 2. to not break the bank.  I walked through just about every clothing store for adults.  I peeked into a few that I had no business in - Rue 21, Pac Sun, etc.  Really, who can wear that stuff?  And then there were the more "matronly" stores like Jones New York, Talbots, etc. which carry nice stuff but I am not quite there.  I still want a little fashion versus classic style.  I skipped places like Polo, Nautica and Calvin Klein altogether... too much money.  But happily I settled nicely into Gap, Banana Republic, and Anne Taylor.  A couple items were bought elsewhere, but as a whole, these stores are my niche right now.

I ended up with 5 pair of shorts, 2 pair of pants, 2 dresses, 3 skirts and 1 top for less than $250.  I think that is pretty damn good for adult clothing!


  1. what a lovely Mother's day gift. Enjoy the new wardrobe.

  2. We need pix. What did you get? I wanna see.

    1. I know! I need to take some. I fully intended to.

  3. Yay for new clothes and shopping without dragging along the kiddos! That was a great gift!

  4. I was in Rue 21 yesterday. They have tons of stuff for like $5. Pretty sure it will all fall apart the first time I wash it though.


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