Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Travel = NO Blog Posts

I don't know what it is about impending travel that makes my blog posts spiral sadly into oblivion.  OK, that isn't entirely true.  My problem is that I get a WEE bit spastic prior to a trip.  This trip in particular was a little maddening.  I had to prep not only myself and my psyche for the 1/2 marathon, but also the house and the children for spending 5 days alone with Daddy.  Oh and did I mention that we are having a swing set installed while I am gone?  And that land needed prepped?  Of course, we couldn't pick an easy place.  Nope, we decided to relocate the garden.  And there was t-ball practice, the Mister out for business dinners, blah, blah, blah.

But, I AM BACK!!!  I have so much to tell too!  I am going to be a bit of a tease though because somehow even though there were people here at the house, I still have a mountain of laundry, dishes and dinner to prepare.  Why does the song "Back to Life, Back to Reality"  keep playing in my head? LOL  As for the teaser... I did make it to DC safely on Friday.  
PS - The V I am making is for my running group, Team Victorious!


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