Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Crockpot Experiment

I totally did not intend to take Friday and Monday off from blogging.  However, I am a little bit in crazy spring-cleaning mode.  I am also entertaining fence quotes, which requires time.  And then there is my Crockpot Experiment.  It isn't that I don't or haven't used my crockpot.  I just don't really use it with regularity despite the fact that it might help alleviate my "crap, what's for dinner, issue."

On days that the K-Man has evening activities, dinner becomes a problem.  We need to leave too early, so eating before doesn't work.  We don't get in until after 6pm.  While dinner is normal for us at that hour, starting to cook then doesn't really work.  I had been going with the traditional quick meals in our house - pasta and meatballs or tacos.  I almost always have some in the freezer, so that is easy enough.  My younger sister has been telling me about these recipes she found on Pinterest (my nemesis) and how they give you the whole shopping list, and you can prep it all for the freezer.  Additionally, they are crockpot meals.

Last week, I took 2 grocery lists from Baked in the South and after weeding out what I already had, went shopping.  I have to admit that I was doing this very quickly and didn't review her recipes entirely. So unfortunately once I got home with the mountain of groceries, I also decided that a few menu items wouldn't work for my family.  More searching turned up Loving My Nest where I found a couple more recipes that would take care of the additional groceries that I had already bought.

I literally spent the entire afternoon prepping meals.  Here is what is now or was in the freezer:
Asian Beef (own recipe)
We have already had a few of the meals and let me say - YUM.  And that isn't only my opinion.   The Mister is fully on board too, which is pretty exciting.  K-Man has enjoyed parts of everything as well.  I starred the ones that we really enjoyed.  The Pork & Veggies was by far my favorite, which is why you see 4 stars.  Loaded Baked Potato Soup was good, but I am certain not calorie friendly giving it only 3 stars.  I did substitute greek yogurt for the sour cream and use mozzarella versus colby jack - but still.  The Beef Burritos were great, but I don't consider it an easy meal when you still have to roll them and put them into the oven for 30 minutes - so again only 3 stars.  Also those darn wraps are loaded with calories - UGH!  Anyone have a recommendation for lower cal ones?
All the meals are linked up (except my own concoction), so if you are interested in trying things out, it is simple.  No cooking, just prepping and throwing them in your freezer containers of choice.  Check them out!


  1. I love Sausage and peppers in the crock and the potato soup sounds delish. I just got a crock pot recipe book if your looking to borrow it!

  2. I will be trying these! Love crockpot cooking and being able to prep ahead and cook easily! :)


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