Thursday, April 11, 2013

Overscheduled Much?

I should say we could be overscheduled because in all honesty, I am not allowing us to get there.

1 yr ago - He looks so small!
The K-Man as you know has been in Tae Kwon Do for over 1 year now.  He has done really well, earned 4 belt levels and can break a board with his foot like nobody's business.  The problem with TKD is that it isn't seasonal or sessional.  They want you to sign up for a year contract.  Yep, you read that correctly - sign a 4 year old up for a 1 year contract.  Crazy talk, right?  At first, we did only 3 months, then extended it another year since he seemed to like it.  However, I am so DONE with going 2 days a week. 

It was simpler when Mini-Me was younger, less mobile and less vocal.  She too is DONE with the whole thing.  We have to get in the car when it is freezing to drive 5 minutes, sit in a tiny waiting space and she isn't allowed out on the big mats where the kids are doing fun things, then 30 minutes later back in the carseat.  I literally spend my time keeping her occupied and no longer can watch the cool stuff the K-Man is learning.  On a side note, she does entertain everyone with her "hi-yas" and calling for her brother.  Truthfully, I think the K-Man is over it too.  He doesn't ask for it, or get all excited when I say to get ready.  When I asked him if he wanted to continue, he said, "Well, I would like to earn that black belt".  I tried to explain that could take 2 years, but the concept of years is still lost a bit on him.

Our contract ends June 1st and we have decided to not renew.  T-ball starts this month, and we want K-Man to try other things.  If we did both, then we would literally have 4 nights a week taken up with activities for him.  It just doesn't seem practical.  I would be a crazy woman trying to feed the kids and get them to everything.  And there is of course, the dragging of the younger sister to MORE things not for her.  So I guess it isn't only about overscheduling him at the moment, but also me and Mini-Me. 

Batting Practice
We are actually excited about t-ball since it gives us more opportunity to be outside.  Mini-Me loves outside time and she will have a little more freedom than a small TKD waiting room.  K-Man seems pretty interested so far and we haven't made it to a practice yet.  The Mister bought him a tee, bat and balls when in WV for Easter.  They played all weekend, and he is pretty good at hitting.  Actually, right now, he seems to be a switch hitter.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised since he golfs lefty, but you just never know.  Better yet  - t-ball is completely seasonal, and has an end.  Woot!

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  1. Oh, you have no idea how the kids' schedules will one day take over your life. Enjoy the control you have now. Hugs.


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