Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No Tackling Your SIster

The K-Man and Mini-Me love to play together.  Great, huh?  Until it gets a little out of control, and now the Mini is inevitably flat on the floor with a fat lip, or smashed into a wall, or has taken a header into the table.  You get the picture.  Yes, she does have my genes for boo boos and accidents.  But TYPICALLY these come at the bidding of an overzealous older brother.  I don't think he intends for her to get hurt.  It starts out all innocent.  Then he gets ramped up and can't control the energy.  I seriously have a rule of NO TACKLING YOUR SISTER.

While I get the overexcited part to a point, it is when I see him deliberately give her a leg-sweep that irritates me to no end.  There is no way that is going to end well for her.  Other than the fact that she will likely be the toughest girl on the block, she will also be the one with the most scars on her face!  We have tried a little of everything - time outs (in which she will join him because she adores him); send him to his room (where she goes, opens the door and hangs out); taking toys, etc.  Nothing has stuck, or at least not so far.  Here was the scenerio yesterday.  Let's see how this pans out.

I wanted to run to Target after picking the K-Man up from preschool.  I was having a serious case of sag-ass, but that is a whole other post :).  I thought I would try a couple pair of pants on before heading on to the things the kids wanted to see.  We head to the dressing room, where they play and share pretzels.  They both want to look into the 3 foot+ wide mirror, when it becomes a pushing and shoving match.  Obviously these 2 small bodies couldn't coexist in a 3 foot space.  Oh wait!  They aren't even that wide put together side-by-side!  The last shove results in Mini-Me with her face into a disgusting dirty wall and me hissing at them.  I hang all the pants back up, take them to attendant.  Empty the cart of anything they might have accummulated in the 2 minute walk from the front door of store, put Mini-Me in the front and K-Man in the back, and literally leave the store.

Confiscated stash - he has no idea where I have it - Mwuhaha!
I didn't speak the entire way home for fear of what might come out.  As we pulled into the drive, I told K-man to head to his bedroom and lock the door until I came back.  I was still undecided on a punishment - as if the lack of a new flashlight or not looking at bikes wasn't serious enough (our initial mission to Target).  Then I walked by LegoLand (aka 1/2 of my dining room consumed with the Legos), I saw it - an entire drawerful of his precious Lego minifigures.  I took the drawer and emptied it, then proceeded to take the drawer to K-Man.  I let him know that whatever was in the drawer was now mine and he would be earning them back through good behavior directly related to his sister.  Too harsh?  Perhaps.  He has like 50 or more.  He is pretty broken up about this, so here's to hoping it makes a lasting impression. 

What would you have done?


  1. Duct tape him and throw him in the closet! :P
    No. I'm kidding. This happens in my house all day. The older two find it funny to either squish P3 into a small space or sit on him. I usually open the door and send them outside, but you don't always have that option, so I do the same thing. P2 is obsessed with Optimus Prime and his other Transformers so I gather them up and take them until behavior improves!!

    1. I miss you being up the road to discuss this. :(

  2. Oh man. This is going to just turn out so fun for you as they get older. I will honestly say that I definitely resort more often than not to the horrible lecture in the car on the way home, and THEN I take the valuables too. I am not proud of my behaviors or my strategies. You know this from reading my blog! =)

    1. There MAY have been "I am so disappointed comments" initially. I blanked it out LOL. I was thinking about your bathroom post when I was typing this. It only gets better, huh?


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