Monday, March 11, 2013

Moving on Up...

When we built the house, we never intended to keep the hideous plush carpet that was part of the "package".  It was builder grade - tan.  Blah.  To be fair, our builder does use a little higher standard, but still not to our liking.  We considered upgrading, but they really made it difficult and we couldn't justify financing better carpet for 30 years.  Go figure.  We also considered hard wood in the living room - very briefly.  I have a young family, and then they were even younger.  I spend 50% or better playing on the floor with them.  Hardwood just didn't sound that appealing.

So here we are, almost 3 years later finally getting around to replacing the carpet.  We really weren't planning on it.  We were just planning on finishing the basement and buying new furniture for the upstairs so that the current set up could move downstairs.  But then as remodeling often does, one thing led to another.  We start thinking, well, since the room will be empty, now will be a good time to change the carpet.  Logical in some ways.

The new, dramatically different carpet will be installed this Wednesday, so we needed to get things rolling this weekend.  We had 2 - 8 foot couches to take downstairs, a 100 lb tv, and a coffee table.  But there was all the bedroom furniture.  Sure we could leave them in place until Tuesday night, but we figured it was more practical on the weekend.  That is until a snowstorm came two nights before and left us with 6 inches of snow.  Thankfully the weather warmed and the melting began, but carrying those couches around the house into the basement was a bit challenging through melting snow even.

While the Mister figured out what he needed to do to make the tv work in the basement, I decided to pull up the runner on the staircase.  Which shock - led to me thinking that I might as well take the carpet off the stairs while I was at it.   We plan to leave the stairs bare and paint them.  With the cats, it just makes better sense.  Do you know what cat hair does to stairs?  Accummulates in crevices - ick!  It will be so much easier not to drag a vacuum onto them to clean.  But, I am off-track.  Taking the carpet off is one thing.  Then you have to pull tack strips, then the padding, which is stapled.  Then there are all the staples.  OMG.  Today, I can barely lift my forearms.  Oh, and then I proceeded to move 4 dressers from one end of the house to the other.  Yep, 4.  I MAY get a little crazed once in org mode.  Just sayin...

I am hoping that they won't kill me on the run today.  Pictures of the new improved spaces will be coming soon!


  1. I love remodels!! I hate doing the work but love seeing the finished product. When I got pregnant with baby boy, we decided we wanted to pull up the carpet and lay wood laminate flooring. Welllll....wood laminate flooring led to us buying all new paint for EVERY room in the house! So we painted baby boy's room and got the flooring done in there and then moved our furniture from our bedroom into his room (before he was born of course) and repainted and laid the floor in our bedroom. We still have the kitchen, living room, dining room, and hallways/closets to do.....eeeekkkk!! And not enough hours in the day to do it!!! Good luck!!!

    1. You totally get it! I need new bedside lamps in my room now BTW... LOL


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