Thursday, March 7, 2013

If the Shoe Fits...

Sort of, that is.  First of all, I am not at all happy about this white stuff I see outside my window.  I know, I know, it is winter and other people are getting storms.  But we were supposed to be into the high forties through the weekend!!  I want that weather.  I would love to run outside in something other than what feels like 20 degrees or less for my Nike 10K on Sunday!

OK, enough whining, I know.  We actually did get out and about today before this snow decided to join us.  I took the kids with me to get fitted for new running shoes.  My 1/2 marathon is just under 8 weeks away, and I am already well over 300 miles on this pair.  I don't want them to be worn out before the race or have to break a new pair in too quickly.  I consulted my running board which is full of people that have much more experience than me in all things running.  They recommended getting a new pair now and rotating them between runs with the old pair to get them ready for race day.

Now, if you have ever gotten fitted for real running shoes, they don't let you go to the wall and pick one because of color or looks.  They check your walk, the width at various points in the foot, etc and then bring you what they think will work.  I tried on 4 brands in a variety of sizes.  The problem is that the shoes that fit me the very best are just about the most expensive, along with being the most non-descript.  The expense doesn't concern me as much as the look, sadly.  As my friend said, I want the most outlandish ones they have.  There was a close second this time though, but again in a nondescript color. 

Fashionista at the Library
I came home and did a little research, and found that the 1st runner up pair does indeed come in a funky pattern, but it is a web-exclusive.  Most online running shoe companies allow road testing though - 90 days worth, plus free shipping and returns.  So of course, I ordered 2 different pair.  LOL  The 2 pair came to what the total price of the best fitting pair I could have bought at the store.  You want to know what they look like, huh?!  Not just yet.  I want to get them here to the house and have some test runs before I reveal the winning pair.

Sorry for missing an easy posting day with Wordless Wednesday yesterday.  I just couldn't seem to come up with a picture I wanted be wordless about!  So I will just leave you with some photos of my cuties! They are a little blurry because they don't stand still very well! 
Happy almost Friday all!
His VERY OWN Library Card!

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  1. I'm in the market for a new pair of running shoes too, so I'm curious to see the ones you chose! New follower here, found you on MLFC! Stopping by from :)


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