Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Finish the Sentence...

buttonBusy busy today, so thanks to Jake & Holly for having an easy writing day for me!
1. If calories didn't count, I would eat... nachos. 
I don't know what it is about tortilla chips with cheese, but they are seriously my weakness.  The Mister ALWAYS wants to have a bag in the house.  I can't, or I WILL break them open.  I think it is the salt.
2. On my Prom night....I had a ball. 
Honestly, both Junior and Senior Prom, I went with one of my closest guy friends both years (different guys).  BEST THING EVER!  No pressure about it being this super fabulous night with a boyfriend.  No crying in the bathroom when said boyfriend does something stupid on what you think was going to be the biggest night of your young life. 
3. When I go to the store, I always buy...apples and cheese (same as Kara at Run Baby Run).  I swear, my family goes through these 2 items like they are water.  I guess it could be worse :)
4. Family functions typically... are loud. 
My mom and older sister live next door to each other.  My younger sister is 5 hours to the west and we are 8 hours to the northeast.  When you get all the girls together, and all the brothers-in-law and dad together (not to mention 5 kids), we are a hoot.  The women end up playing dominoes or something, while the men hang out in the man-cave/garage.  And then there are the washer toss tournaments, but that is a whole other post.
5. I think my blog readers... rock! 
I mean really who is going to say anything different.  Maybe I could say they think that I need ADD or OCD meds, and that might be right too LOL.
6. I'd much rather be...living in Europe.
I just love the lifestyle there.  It seems so much calmer.  Of course, I have never been there with my children, so I could be way of base because the kids make life crazy no matter where you live.
7. I have an obsession with... currently running and all the affiliated gadgets.
As my readers know, I am training for a 1/2 marathon.  I am forever researching the right compression pants, shoes, fueling options, headbands, hydration belts, apps...  I think you get the picture.
8. My work friends... are other stay-at home moms, I suppose.
There aren't that many here in upstate NY.  Seems that we are a strange breed in the high cost living area.   Sadly, we are rarely squeeze in 1x per month to get together and is usually still with the kids.
9. When I created my Facebook account... I was the last of my friends in maybe 2009. 
I never did any other social media like MySpace, and wasn't sure how I felt about having things out there for the world to see.  But then all my family was on, and it was a great way to see updates on my cousins, parents and sisters.  Facebook does have its place for that sort of thing.
10. My least favorite word is...funnest.
This was harder than I thought.  I have lots of words I like, but never thought much about ones I don't like!  So, I actually picked a word people shouldn't be using because IT ISN'T A WORD!!  That drives me nuts. It is MOST FUN, People!
11. I really don't remember... why I didn't want to move to NY.
Yep, there was a time that I did NOT want to come here.  In fairness to me, I didn't want to move ourselves here.  I wanted my husband to get the job he deserved and have them move us.  The only way to go, my friends.  Anyway, after 9 years in the south and now 3 back north, I will say, it is good to be back!
12. Justin Bieber... I got nothing.
I wouldn't know a song by him if it bit me on the nose.  Thank goodness my kids are too young for him.  Sadly, even if he is "all grown up", he will likely be replaced by some other little teenie weenie.
Nap time starts in 13 minutes.  Gotta get ready to run!  Happy Tuesday!


  1. love that you know that "funnest" is not a word! I hate when people say that...thanks for linking with us!

  2. I would hope that if I lived in Europe my kiddo would adapt to the laid back lifestyle over there too...sadly I doubt that will happen.


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