Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Case of the Shrinking Underwear

I debated on posting about this subject, but realistically, we all wear and buy underwear.  So really is it that bad?!

Anyway, as I have lost weight and toned up, I am finding myself at a weird place. My go-to underwear just don't fit.  They are saggy in the front - not pretty or terribly comfortable.  I happen to have several great Victoria's Secret coupons and thought I should just go to the store to try on sizes.  I as wearing a One Size Fits Most, and obviously that was a lie :). 

I went to the store immediately following my Nike Women 10K, so I was dressed in my full running regalia - compression pants and Dri-Fit tee. I think that I likely look a little more slimmed in that, but who knows.  I start looking around, and of course there are a thousand styles.  I ask a girl (meaning probably 20 something to my near 40) who works there what size she might recommend I look at.  I was wearing the Lacies Thongs in OS, but they are now too big.  She asks what size pants I wear.  I say 2-4.  She then proceeds to look me up and down and say, "Oh, well that is what I wear.  I guess if they fit, they do."  In other words - you look bigger than that?  Just a guess as to what was going through her brilliant mind.

Luckily for her, I was still nursing a runners' high and THOUGHT, "I just ran a 10K biotch.  What did you do today?

She proceeded to tell me that she wears a Medium and that she feels things are being cut slimmer.  I should really consider looking at a Large.  Aha.  As a friend said, "So a Medium or Large is a size 2/4 at VS?"  I think it was more likely that she thought I was lying about my pants, but whatever.  She will have kids one day and realize that getting to the 2/4 range again is fabulous and you DO NOT lie about it... you brag LOL.

But wait, I have more disturbing customer service stories from VS.  Why, yes, yes, I do!  I take the undies back to try on - in smalls and mediums (for the snot up front!).  The girl at the dressing room says and I totally am quoting, "Please use the provided liners when trying those on or wear your own underwear.  But if you use the liners, please throw the wrapper and liners in the trash there.  I do not want to pick them up off the floor."  That was said with as much disdain as possible in case you didn't catch that.  I remember now why I shop online.  Being talked down to by kids that work in VS is just not really that much fun. 

PS - to the snots at VS, I bought SMALLS.  AND I did manage to do so without littering up your floor.  Good thing you caught me after a run and not with the kids.  Today could have gone a WHOLE lot different!


  1. WOW.... thats ridiculous.. 2/4 is DEFINATELY a small and you SHOULD brag about that!!!! good for you!! and that is one of many reasons I dont allow the people there to "help" me... I help myself... sorry you had a bad experience!

  2. Um, if I was wearing a size 2/4 I'd have a t-shirt made and be wearing it every day of the week! Of course you brag about that stuff! Buying things after losing weight is frustrating enough - I never know what size to take into the dressing room with me! The staff are supposed to build you up, not deflate you! Don't they know that happy buyer = happy cash register? I'm super excited that you got new undies though and that they fit AND that they're smalls!

  3. That's awful! Customer Service has taken a nose dive! Yeah....shopping online is so much easier!! LOL

  4. I always get my VS stuff online, and I wear a large, so there is no way you wear anything but a small. Even I know that!

  5. Ugh customer service has went to heck in a handbasket!!! Congrats on the small undies though!!! You GO GIRL!!!!

  6. Big achievement this week. Congrats on the loss.


  7. I am cracking up reading this. I do not like when others make judgements, especially ones that don't make the other person feel good. My mom always tells me to kill those people with kindness and that is exactly what I do - or if I don't have anything kind to say, I just get it online. :)

    I am visiting rom KTJ and Lex's linkup and am a new follower!

    Have a great day!



  8. What an annoying troll of a sales girl. What on earth. But congrats on fitting in small underwear! How fun!

  9. I agree with everyone, congrats on everything this week! Thank you so much for linking up!


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