Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adventures in Plumbing

I am a pretty handy gal.  I have had my own tool bag for quite some time.  Actually, I still have the tool bag that my dad sent with me to college.  It stays upstairs so that I don't have to run to the household tool stash in the basement when I need something simple like a Phillips' head screwdriver.  We have a great big red Craftsman tool chest for the rest of the tools.  Of course, we also have an entire closet of other tools, power tools and accessories.  Thank goodness the Mister likes things organized and they are for the most part labeled, or someone could get lost looking for one part!

Anyway, it has been, oh, I don't know 3 months now since I asked the Mister to take the diaper sprayer off the upstairs toilet.  Plumbing is pretty much something I avoid.  Too many factors can go wrong resulting in me having quite a mess on my hands along with shooing children out of my way.  The removal did not occur as requested initially because we were trying to figure out where the old toilet supply hose went.  Then came Christmas, vacation and a myriad of other excuses. 

Just this weekend, I realized why we never found the old hose.  There wasn't one.  Our toilets were all connected (by the builder) with a solid pipe instead of the flexible line you will mostly see.  So off to Lowes I go.  I soon discover a few options in flexible line, but the department manager assured me that the braided steel was the way to go.  No problem.  Sold. 

I am talking on the phone, entertaining Mini-Me and attempting to disengage the diaper sprayer.  Probably should have considered only doing one of them at a time in hindsight.  I thought I was getting somewhere, when I realized my tool bag just wasn't going to cut it.  I went down for the big guns - either channel locks or a pipe wrench.  I brought up both just in case, got off the phone and got down to business.  The top part was easy.  It is a plastic collar that has fins and you just apply pressure in the correct direction... release.  Oops... water in that line.  Thankfully not much. 

Then I fought for 5 minutes with the lower connection.  Darn thing wouldn't budge.  You know why?!!  Logic in the form of Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty, did not apply!  Who has ever heard of such a thing?  But I got it free, and again forgot there would be water in the line though I had just learned that lesson minutes before.  Installing the new hose was much easier despite the tight quarters from the toilet to the vanity. 

someecards.com - Your plumbing skills are mad crunk....make me wanna holla.I wouldn't say I am ready to start plumbing homes or anything, but I am pretty proud that I managed to do it myself even though someone else in the house, who shall remain nameless could have done it a lot quicker!  And why did it NEED removed?  I have been PROMISING it to a friend who is expecting baby number 2 soon.  I am certain she isn't anxious to be sitting at the base of her toilet the night before bringing baby home.  So Ms. Domestically Seasoned, you diaper sprayer is ready to go to it's new home.  I will try to get it to you this week!  I swear!


  1. How dare they make something that does not abide by righty tighy!!! I LIVE by that LOL


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