Monday, February 11, 2013

The Star Wars Event - Part 1 The Food

We have not thrown a birthday party at home since K-Man's 2nd.  Now that I think of it, maybe that has more to do with our locality than the number of children.  By his 3rd birthday, we had moved to upstate NY.  Guess what happens here in February?  SNOW, more often than not.  Containing children in the main living space of our home could be challenging.  So we have done the Children's Museum and bowling for the K-Man and the Racetrack for Mini-Me's 1st.  (Don't judge, fun was had by all the adults, which is who the first birthday is for anyway!)
We are in the process of finishing the basement - walls and ceiling are finished and painted, flooring installed.  So we thought, why not have the party at home?  We will have a separate space for them to run.  It technically should save us some money.  We can have it at a snack time versus a meal time to avoid serving a full meal.  And we can actually have fun with the decorations and games rather than relying on the location to provide entertainment.  Of course, it all starts with the invite.  A good friend thankfully is talented with picture programs and created ours for us, with Sir K-Man's approval.  He actually was a little in objection to discussion of completing Jedi Training, as he sees himself as a full-blown Jedi already.  References to Padawan had to be removed.  And yes, he only just turned 5!
I have to tell you that I can see where an at home party can get expensive.  There are all sorts of accesories out there to go with your themes.  I could have gotten plates, napkins, cups, tableclothes, etc.  I generally have only bought themed napkins for cake time, and decided that was still a good policy, along with plain paper plates that allow leftovers to be used at other events.  The tablecloth was also a leftover from something we hosted and of course we have serving pieces out the wazoo.  The kids food table was kept simple - C3PO waters (idea courtesy I'm Topsy Turvy), Light Saber Pretzel Rods (lots of sites had this, can't remember which sparked it!), grapes, popcorn (still in sealed bowl) and chocolate dipped fruit was added to the empty plate you see.  The fruit was supposed to have been Kyle's birthday treat at school the day before, but it was cancelled for threat of impending snow.

The parents had to have goodies too.  So upstairs we had veggies with Jabba the Hummus, pita, crackers, cheese and more chocolate fruit.  We also had Yoda-ritas (non-alcoholic and regular strength), along with a selection of beer and soda.  Yes, we served alcohol, and no, not to the minors.  You get 16 kids in your basement under the age of 7 and see if you don't feel like having a drink.  I can't take credit for this fabulous beast.  Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons has awesome ideas.  If we are throwing another Star Wars party next year, I know right where to go!

No party would be complete without a cake.  First, my children nor myself or the Mister like cake.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I get key lime pie, the Mister is angel food guy, K-Man has settled on ice cream cake, and I am fairly certain that Mini-Me will follow her brother's lead since she had 2 slices yesterday!  Anyway, we discovered a little gem last year.  You can have images printed onto icing.  Then you can put them on any cake.  We have bought last year's and this year's from a seller on e-bay, Single Source Party Supply.  I simply buy a Friendly's ice cream cake, scrape of the top border icing, lay the image on, pipe a new border and you are set.  So much cheaper than the cakes with decorations from a bakery. 

Stay tuned in tomorrow for the details on activities!

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