Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Nearly Lost Lovey or How Not to Spend Wed

Mini Me has a lovey.  I didn't really intend for her too.  K-Man was never interested and honestly it was easier that way.  Unfortunately, she took to a little Gund frog blanket thing.  He is really cute and all, but guess when Froggy joined our ranks - 5 years ago when K-Man was born.  Guess what is IMPOSSIBLE to this point to find a backup for?  I have looked.  Gund apparently has this not so brilliant plan to change this SatineeSnug line each year.  So while they still have a frog in the line, no 2 year frogs look alike.  Just shoot me now!

Today was going nice and smooth.  Mini-Me and I ran some errands while the K-Man was at school.  We got lots accomplished and even made a trip back to the house to unload before going back for him.  She asked for a yogurt smoothie in a pouch before we left to get K-Man.  I remember setting Froggy on the roof of the car while I buckled her.  That was the last time I could place that blasted Froggy.  We picked up the K-Man, headed to Lowes for a few quick items, then back to the car for home.

It was right about then that she was looking for Froggy and I started to panic.  I nearly went back inside Lowes, but all I could picture was him on the roof of the car.  I didn't think she had him in the car at all.  Lowes and school are 2.5 miles from my door.  I got all the way home, ran inside and no frog.  Crap!  I was certain he must have been on the roof when I pulled out of the driveway.  Since the teacher putting Kyle in the car didn't mention it, I was also certain he didn't make it that far.  But we retraced our driving steps anyway.  The whole time, Mini-Me is shouting for Froggy because it is almost nap time, and she knows he is supposed to be there.  Now, I am borderline frantic to match her shouts.

I pull back into the garage, sans Froggy.  I get her ready for nap.  She is literally yelling at me, "No No Mama, Frog!"  Yep, huge parenting fail here.  I searched for about an hour figuring he had to have fallen off immediately.  It is gusty here and maybe he was blown to the back of the property, etc.  Nope.  My friend calls in the middle of my nervous breakdown, and calmly suggests emailing the block party list to basically put out an APB.  Then my sister calls, and I remember I wanted to check with Lowes on that offchance he fell out of the car when we went inside the store. 

The woman at Lowes was so funny.  She says in a very concerned voice, "Oh no!  Not a woobie?!"  Obviously she has children and knew the severity of the situation.  Thankfully, the Lovey gods were shining down on us today.  Froggy had been found and turned in to the service desk at Lowes.  Mommy had righted her parenting fail at least by a little notch, and Mini-Me would be a happy girl when she woke.  Guess what her first words when she woke were?  "Mama, Frog?"  Whew!  Crisis averted.

**PS:  If anyone has a Gund SatineeSnug Frog from 5 years ago, I beg you to consider selling it to me!

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