Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scattered Tuesday is Back

I am having a great day actually, but this head cold and medicine to curb it are playing mind games.  So here is a little glimpse into the craziness:

K-Man had a 5 year checkup.  He is in the 95th percentile for height and 90th for weight.  Seriously, who birthed this kid?
He had to get 1 booster for Kindergarten, so apparently my alternative schedule for vaccinations wasn't so evil after all.  He did great getting the shot for once.  Woot!
I had the Dr. check my ears and Mini-Me's because we both have a head cold.  I am fine, ear infection for the little miss.  Boo!  Had the pharmacy triple check the dosage after the last incident.
My niece is in the hospital with a fractured orbital.  She had surgery early this morning.  I just can't imagine what my sister must be thinking.  It seriously puts a pit in my chest when I try.
Carpet Installer called to come measure tomorrow.  Super woot!   Have to decide between 2 colors.  Can not WAIT to have this crappy builder grade carpet removed.
New couches ordered last night, so timing of carpet is looking ideal!
I need to eat lunch... yep, at 2pm.  Told you I was scattered.  I swear I fed the kids.
I also need to start dinner.  I am attempting a new rib recipe, and it will take near 3 hrs.
Did I mention laundry needs sorted and done?
I sadly could go on, but I think you have the idea. :)  Have a great Tuesday, all!  Hope you aren't experiencing scattered mind too.


  1. I would sit back and enjoy a bottle of wine with you (if I could). I hate days like this.

    1. I want to, but not sure I could even taste it!

  2. I didn't eat lunch today until 1:45. Hope you and Mini-Me get to feeling better. Praying for your niece and sister!

    1. Thanks. My niece is home now, but double vision. Mini is asleep and I probably should be :)


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