Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting Rid of DTV

We have had DirecTV for almost 12 years.  It all started in GA because we knew we would NEVER see a Steeler or Patriot game.  The only option was to have a system with the NFL package, and DirecTV was the only game in town.  We then moved on to having the MLB package as well, and literally watched the Red Sox nightly from the 2005-2008 seasons until we moved to NY.  Otherwise, the Mister and I could likely do without TV.  Neither of us is particularly a TV person.  He leans to movies, while I lean to things that require little attention or thought - AKA, sitcoms, home improvement, or crappy reality TV.  We also don't have a TV in our bedroom which I think limits our interest/exposure as well - but that is a whole other post and debate.

Since we have had children, there is a little more stock in television.  This isn't because we want them to watch all the time.  But dang, there are times you need a little peace!  The K-Man seriously never saw TV shows until he was 1 year old.  Until then, if he happened to be up during a sporting event, he NEVER saw anything else.  Then along came Mini-Me.  I would let the K-Man watch something while I was occupied by her.  He still could live without watching anything other than Lego YouTube videos, but don't you dare try to NOT let that girl see her Mickey.

However, I have evaluated our bills and do you know that the TV is our HIGHEST utility?!  And at that, our most unrequired one?  I need electricity and gas service.  Over the course of last year, it was only $500 less than those 2 COMBINED.  Really?!  I have looked for alternatives.  Cable is not any cheaper even if packaged with phone and internet.  And past that, well, there are no options.  Except that you can put DTV into suspension for up to 6 months a year.  Hmmm....

We have now been major television broadcasting free for 1 week.  Sadly we chose the week of the K-Man's spring break.  But you know what?  We are surviving.  The K-Man loves the opportunity to watch his Lego YouTube videos through the Apple TV.  Mini-Me is content with mirroring Disney Jr and PBS Kids from the iPad or watching a DVD.  The Mister and I manage on movies through a variety of sources - Netflix trial (eh...), Amazon Prime Instant Videos, Itunes, and Redbox.  So far so good.  And in case you are wondering, we saw 3 pretty good movies - Here Comes the Book, Argo and Hit and Run.  We did also do a trial with Hulu Plus because I really like the TV drama Nashville.  They offer lots of other current ABC shows, as well as other shows that we could get into like How It is Made.  Yep, the engineers come out on that one!

I know it has only been a week, but we are already wondering will we go back.  We both follow major NFL teams that tend to get lots of prime time coverage.  Could we work around the schedule and plan for a few outings with friends when we can't watch at home?  I guess that all remains to be seen.  Just like our trials with all the systems.  We haven't even gotten our digital antenna yet, which also might eliminate the need for some of these trials.  So if you have any advice or wisdom in endeavoring into the no cable/satellite world, we are all ears!


  1. Direct TV in my area is losing some of the channels I watch the most :( So I will be going to Comcast Im sure.

  2. We have survived here in SD for 8 months without cable or DTV. We left it all behind in NY! We did buy a digital antenna for local channels, and of course had Netflix! :)

    1. We need to get the digital antenna still, which I am hoping will eliminate the need for Hulu and maybe Netflix too.


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