Monday, February 18, 2013

Eating Hiatus - Or Planning a Menu Around the 18 Mo Old

This post started out being about how I need to get back to menus so I can shop and plan for the week.  Then I realized that the real problem is more that Mini-Me is on an eating hiatus.  The girl who used to eat everything from meatballs to broccoli to pasta to apples, has suddenly decided, "Naw - just milk for me, please."  I can't quite figure it out.  Is she teething? Yep - 3 eye teeth all at once.  Is she sick?  A little cold.  Is she 18 months?  AHA!  Maybe that is it too.

Whatever it is - IT is driving me BATTY!  The non-interest in pretty much anything food makes planning meals quite the challenge.  I refuse to make entirely separate meals for my children, and have always planned meals in a fashion that SOME portion could/would be eaten by the kids.  She seems to pick one food each day that will be the target food.  So I am forever playing the guessing game on which it might be tonight.  Last night it was broccoli, the night before peas.  Maybe K-Man's chicken will look good to her.  I just never know.

I seriously am at my wit's end, but decided we all still need to eat.  So this week's menu is set, at least the main courses.  I will make the a side of veggies every night in hopes that it is the preferred vegetable for her that day.  And of course, we will keep offering her bites of the other stuff.  Maybe the teeth and cold and 18 months will wear off LOL.  Here's the plan - see a pattern?

Asian Glazed Chicken Thighs with Rice & Veggies
BBQ Ribs with Mac  & Cheese & Veggies
Tacos with Avocado & Veggies
Ravioli Lasagna with Sausage & Roasted Red Peppers & Veggies
(PS - I will never make a regular lasagna again since finding this recipe)
Homemade Pizza & Veggies
Thank goodness, Mini-Me hasn't given up breakfast for now.  Incorporating peas and broccoli into a breakfast would be interesting.  She won't starve, I know.  So I will just keep trudging on and hope the moment will pass.   I once read somewhere that everything in a child's life is a phase - sadly that includes the fun/happy things as well as the bad.


  1. Those meals sound yummy! I remeber when my mini me wouldnt eat anything. Its a phase that hopefully will pass.

    1. Happened to have the K-man in for his 5 year checkup and asked the Dr to check her ears - infected. Huh! Maybe that is it. She ate better last night than she has in over a week though. :)


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