Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Will you have Wine or Fries?

Oh Amen!  How much do you love this? - Thanks Internet.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fast Food and My Kids

Once you have children, you find time is in a crunch.  Some days you are having a little too much fun at the Childrens' Museum when you realize that it is lunch time... and you didn't pack one.  You are more than a 20 minute drive from home, which will surely send the kid into a hunger tizzy.  Then there on the horizon, you see it.  The golden arches.  Why are they always so strategically placed?  It is like someone researched the location.  Oh, yeah.  They probably do!

So what is any health concious mom supposed to do in this case.  The kid obviously needs food.  And buckling them into a car seat, to stop and get them out somewhere is really not any more ideal than fast food.  For one, there will be a wait.  It is inevitable.  But fast food exists for people in this situation - because it is fast and there is no need to get out of the car.

If I MUST go, I rarely induldge in a kids' meal.  For one thing, we almost always have waters with us in the car.  No reason to spend extra on 8 oz of milk that you can surely replace at home.  Also, I have ZERO need for a crappily made toy knock-off that is included.  Yeah, yeah - Hasbro or Mattel's name is on it, but let's be realistic.  It will break within the first week, and now you have to deal with the sad kid.  No thanks.  While many of the meals have a fruit versus french fries option, someone at a certain fast food restaurant decided they would now include both.  My only guess is because they hope to hook them young.  Well, guess what, that pretty much seals the deal for me that I WILL NOT buy your Happy Meal, McD.  Oops!  I guess I let that one slip.  Oh, well.  Not like you don't know it.  Funny, but the only time K-Man gets a kids' meal is on a trip.  I have him convinced that they only sell them when we travel - LMAO, at least until he is able to read!

Since I was writing this post, I decided to see where my choices stacked up against one another.  My go-to meal is a plain double cheeseburger. I take one burger off without the bun for Mini-Me and give the cheeseburger and bun to the K-Man.  I also order whatever fruit the restaurant offers.  The beef patties all run around the same in calories and fat, but the bun and cheese varies from location to location.  The single burger and cheese on a bun runs anywhere from 270 calories to 340.  This is roughly the same as a 6 piece order of chicken nuggets.  However, those are deep fried.  My kids little bellies do not tolerate fried foods from my unfortunate experience.  So while the calories aren't fabulous, it is still a better option than fried anything.

A better choice if your kids will eat it, is something with grilled chicken on it.  At McDs, I like a plain grilled chicken snack wrap.  The chicken is 1.5 oz of breast and only 45 calories without the wrap, which up until press wouldn't be eaten by my kids anyway LOL.  I particularly like when any option has their summer salads with berries and grilled chicken.  My kids love berries and will eat the chicken.  I eat the salad.  BK offers a veggie burger that is lower in calories and fat.  I like them for myself and the Mini-Me also indulges without all the slop on it. - Thanks for not treating me to fast food for that dinner you owed me. If you are lucky enough to live in Chick-fil-A land, you can get grilled chicken nuggets.  But, SIGH... upstate NY has yet to discover the CFA wonder.  And Arby's actually has a viable option in the Jr Roast Beef sandwich.  The calories again match that of the burger, but the fat is significantly lower!  The bottom line though is that if you want to avoid this dilemma altogether, you have to plan.  We are heading out to do errands that are likely going to carry us into lunch.  I have lunch and snacks packed in a small softsided cooler - just in case.  If not, we can have ourselves a little picnic when we get back. 

How do you avoid the arches?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Getting Rid of DTV

We have had DirecTV for almost 12 years.  It all started in GA because we knew we would NEVER see a Steeler or Patriot game.  The only option was to have a system with the NFL package, and DirecTV was the only game in town.  We then moved on to having the MLB package as well, and literally watched the Red Sox nightly from the 2005-2008 seasons until we moved to NY.  Otherwise, the Mister and I could likely do without TV.  Neither of us is particularly a TV person.  He leans to movies, while I lean to things that require little attention or thought - AKA, sitcoms, home improvement, or crappy reality TV.  We also don't have a TV in our bedroom which I think limits our interest/exposure as well - but that is a whole other post and debate.

Since we have had children, there is a little more stock in television.  This isn't because we want them to watch all the time.  But dang, there are times you need a little peace!  The K-Man seriously never saw TV shows until he was 1 year old.  Until then, if he happened to be up during a sporting event, he NEVER saw anything else.  Then along came Mini-Me.  I would let the K-Man watch something while I was occupied by her.  He still could live without watching anything other than Lego YouTube videos, but don't you dare try to NOT let that girl see her Mickey.

However, I have evaluated our bills and do you know that the TV is our HIGHEST utility?!  And at that, our most unrequired one?  I need electricity and gas service.  Over the course of last year, it was only $500 less than those 2 COMBINED.  Really?!  I have looked for alternatives.  Cable is not any cheaper even if packaged with phone and internet.  And past that, well, there are no options.  Except that you can put DTV into suspension for up to 6 months a year.  Hmmm....

We have now been major television broadcasting free for 1 week.  Sadly we chose the week of the K-Man's spring break.  But you know what?  We are surviving.  The K-Man loves the opportunity to watch his Lego YouTube videos through the Apple TV.  Mini-Me is content with mirroring Disney Jr and PBS Kids from the iPad or watching a DVD.  The Mister and I manage on movies through a variety of sources - Netflix trial (eh...), Amazon Prime Instant Videos, Itunes, and Redbox.  So far so good.  And in case you are wondering, we saw 3 pretty good movies - Here Comes the Book, Argo and Hit and Run.  We did also do a trial with Hulu Plus because I really like the TV drama Nashville.  They offer lots of other current ABC shows, as well as other shows that we could get into like How It is Made.  Yep, the engineers come out on that one!

I know it has only been a week, but we are already wondering will we go back.  We both follow major NFL teams that tend to get lots of prime time coverage.  Could we work around the schedule and plan for a few outings with friends when we can't watch at home?  I guess that all remains to be seen.  Just like our trials with all the systems.  We haven't even gotten our digital antenna yet, which also might eliminate the need for some of these trials.  So if you have any advice or wisdom in endeavoring into the no cable/satellite world, we are all ears!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scattered Tuesday is Back

I am having a great day actually, but this head cold and medicine to curb it are playing mind games.  So here is a little glimpse into the craziness:

K-Man had a 5 year checkup.  He is in the 95th percentile for height and 90th for weight.  Seriously, who birthed this kid?
He had to get 1 booster for Kindergarten, so apparently my alternative schedule for vaccinations wasn't so evil after all.  He did great getting the shot for once.  Woot!
I had the Dr. check my ears and Mini-Me's because we both have a head cold.  I am fine, ear infection for the little miss.  Boo!  Had the pharmacy triple check the dosage after the last incident.
My niece is in the hospital with a fractured orbital.  She had surgery early this morning.  I just can't imagine what my sister must be thinking.  It seriously puts a pit in my chest when I try.
Carpet Installer called to come measure tomorrow.  Super woot!   Have to decide between 2 colors.  Can not WAIT to have this crappy builder grade carpet removed.
New couches ordered last night, so timing of carpet is looking ideal!
I need to eat lunch... yep, at 2pm.  Told you I was scattered.  I swear I fed the kids.
I also need to start dinner.  I am attempting a new rib recipe, and it will take near 3 hrs.
Did I mention laundry needs sorted and done?
I sadly could go on, but I think you have the idea. :)  Have a great Tuesday, all!  Hope you aren't experiencing scattered mind too.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Eating Hiatus - Or Planning a Menu Around the 18 Mo Old

This post started out being about how I need to get back to menus so I can shop and plan for the week.  Then I realized that the real problem is more that Mini-Me is on an eating hiatus.  The girl who used to eat everything from meatballs to broccoli to pasta to apples, has suddenly decided, "Naw - just milk for me, please."  I can't quite figure it out.  Is she teething? Yep - 3 eye teeth all at once.  Is she sick?  A little cold.  Is she 18 months?  AHA!  Maybe that is it too.

Whatever it is - IT is driving me BATTY!  The non-interest in pretty much anything food makes planning meals quite the challenge.  I refuse to make entirely separate meals for my children, and have always planned meals in a fashion that SOME portion could/would be eaten by the kids.  She seems to pick one food each day that will be the target food.  So I am forever playing the guessing game on which it might be tonight.  Last night it was broccoli, the night before peas.  Maybe K-Man's chicken will look good to her.  I just never know.

I seriously am at my wit's end, but decided we all still need to eat.  So this week's menu is set, at least the main courses.  I will make the a side of veggies every night in hopes that it is the preferred vegetable for her that day.  And of course, we will keep offering her bites of the other stuff.  Maybe the teeth and cold and 18 months will wear off LOL.  Here's the plan - see a pattern?

Asian Glazed Chicken Thighs with Rice & Veggies
BBQ Ribs with Mac  & Cheese & Veggies
Tacos with Avocado & Veggies
Ravioli Lasagna with Sausage & Roasted Red Peppers & Veggies
(PS - I will never make a regular lasagna again since finding this recipe)
Homemade Pizza & Veggies
Thank goodness, Mini-Me hasn't given up breakfast for now.  Incorporating peas and broccoli into a breakfast would be interesting.  She won't starve, I know.  So I will just keep trudging on and hope the moment will pass.   I once read somewhere that everything in a child's life is a phase - sadly that includes the fun/happy things as well as the bad.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Training Reality

Every time I have posted about my training and working out, I have been at a fabulous place.  I am logging food, doing my runs, basically doing everything right.  Except, that is not my current reality.  Somehow over the last 2 weeks, I have fallen off the proverbial wagon.  I did better on vacation than I have for the past 2 weeks!  What happened you might ask?  I seemed so motivated, so focused.  But, life happened, pretty much is the best I can explain it. - Running's a pain in the rear....but it sure gives me a nice one ;)Since Jamaica, and not including this week, I managed 4 workouts, which is obscene!  I usually have 5-6 a week (EVEN on vacation)!  I enjoy my workouts, but I had stuff to do for the party, the basement, you name it.  But it wasn't just the working out, it was the eating too.  I fell back into NOT eating because I was distracted with this, that or the other.  (Damn pronouns!)  As a result, I end up over snacking late into the day because I forget to have the important meals - like breakfast and lunch.  I feel guilty, sort of, but mostly I feel irritated!  Not so much about the running/workouts.  That is easy to get back on track.  No more pushing it off for other activities at naptime.  Mini-Me goes down, and I go run.  The end.  But the food stuff - UGH!  I will leave that for another post.

For now, I am restarting my training with a new program.  I like the Iron Girl one, but I have 2 problems. 
  1. My printer and computer are not on speaking terms at the moment thanks to an automatic Windows update, and I have yet to fix it.  OK, reality is that I can't - I HATE WINDOWS!
  2. I need something on my phone so that on days I do get to run outdoors, I can have that motivational crap to spur me on too.  My HR monitor tells me my speed and heart rate at each mile, but I wouldn't mind hearing other stuff too.
Of course, starting a new program is another challenge in itself.  For one, I am not keen on paying a lot for an app.  But also, I run on the treadmill - A LOT.  Couldn't one of these brainiacs develop a damn app that works for that?!  After reading all the reviews and loading a few free ones, I have settled on the Asics one.  It has me starting over, which I suppose isn't the worst thing in the world for me given the little hiatus.  I already see the heart rate difference in only 2 runs on the new program.  And maybe I will like running at a pace for mileage versus time, which can get a bit monotonous.  Next up - tackling my eating.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Early Valentine's Day!

Can't take credit for idea - passed on from a friend on Pinterest

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Star Wars Event - Part 2 The Activities

The challenge for me with this party was entertaining the kids.  We invited his entire class.  I know there is a theory that you only invite the number of kids for the years the child is turning.  I just felt that was unrealistic for a couple reasons. One day, a near 5 year old comes home and tells me about his best friend Joe, and the next Joe took his toy.  I don't find the mind of 4-5 year old entirely reliable on who to invite or NOT invite from a class.  My rule has been that if he wants 1/2 the class, you really have to invite all.  If it was 3 or 4 kids out of 14, maybe a different story.  We ended up with 8 of the 14 coming (including K-Man), along with 8 others from the neighborhood (including siblings and Mini-Me).

My goal was keeping the kids downstairs, and allowing the adults to mingle between the floors.  For the most part, it worked fabulously.  Our basement, as I said, is still a bit of a work in progress with no furniture or rugs down, so loud might be a bit of understatement.  But there is nearly 800 sq feet of space including the playroom.  The volume at times overwhelmed the adults for certain and even the kids. 

Each child was given a blow up Light Saber upon arrival, along with their Padawan Tunic.  We fashioned an obstacle course for the kids.  Mustafar Lava jump aka hopping on specific floor tiles to avoid the lava, Escape Roll courtesy Tae Kwon Do, Light Saber Balloon Battle, and then fighting a 2 sabered Sith, the Mister.  TKD always has obstacle courses and the kids love them, so other than making sure they weren't piling on top of each other, this was an easy sell.  The Mister also works well the the kids, "Do you like to run?!" LOL. 

Next up was Pin the Light Saber on Yoda (a fathead type thing from K-Man's Room).  That was pretty entertaining.  I don't think many kids have played Pin the Tail on the Donkey!  Apparently, that is old school and I am old.  But they thought it was fun!  Of course, the highlight was the Death Star Pinata.  I am proud to say that my handiwork made it through whacks by every child before finally giving in and spilling it's contents.  We had Mardi Gras beads, glow bracelets, stickers, Lego Minifigure Crayons (made by myself and K-Man), and mini Tootsie Pops.

I was trying to see if there was really a savings, so I wrote down my costs:

$16 printed invites with envelopes
$28 for 24 Inflatable light sabers
$3 for 24 Bottled Water with leftover
$6 Gold Spray Paint with leftover
$8 Pinata Supplies
$8 Pinata fillers
$2 Balloons & Streamers with leftover
$15 for 15 tunics
$7 Pretzel Rod Light Sabers
$2 Plates with leftover
$0 Table Cloth
$2 Themed Napkins
$0 Plain Napkins
$27 Cake
$10 Cake Topper
$5 Hummus
$5 Crackers/Pita
$18 Maragarita
$2 Yodarita cups with leftover
$3 Soda
$0 Fruits/Veggies, beer - would have bought for house anyway

$167 Grand Total

I think that was pretty good actually!  I know we spent just that much on the venue each of the last 2 years.  Some of those expenses would have been incurred regardless - invites, cake, napkins, refreshments, etc., and we have leftovers for future parties.  All in all, I think it was a success.  We had several kids not wanting to go home, others that were exhausted and ready to go home.  Hopefully, they slept well last night for their parents.  I know mine did! 
Hope you had a great birthday, K-Man!  We love you!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Star Wars Event - Part 1 The Food

We have not thrown a birthday party at home since K-Man's 2nd.  Now that I think of it, maybe that has more to do with our locality than the number of children.  By his 3rd birthday, we had moved to upstate NY.  Guess what happens here in February?  SNOW, more often than not.  Containing children in the main living space of our home could be challenging.  So we have done the Children's Museum and bowling for the K-Man and the Racetrack for Mini-Me's 1st.  (Don't judge, fun was had by all the adults, which is who the first birthday is for anyway!)
We are in the process of finishing the basement - walls and ceiling are finished and painted, flooring installed.  So we thought, why not have the party at home?  We will have a separate space for them to run.  It technically should save us some money.  We can have it at a snack time versus a meal time to avoid serving a full meal.  And we can actually have fun with the decorations and games rather than relying on the location to provide entertainment.  Of course, it all starts with the invite.  A good friend thankfully is talented with picture programs and created ours for us, with Sir K-Man's approval.  He actually was a little in objection to discussion of completing Jedi Training, as he sees himself as a full-blown Jedi already.  References to Padawan had to be removed.  And yes, he only just turned 5!
I have to tell you that I can see where an at home party can get expensive.  There are all sorts of accesories out there to go with your themes.  I could have gotten plates, napkins, cups, tableclothes, etc.  I generally have only bought themed napkins for cake time, and decided that was still a good policy, along with plain paper plates that allow leftovers to be used at other events.  The tablecloth was also a leftover from something we hosted and of course we have serving pieces out the wazoo.  The kids food table was kept simple - C3PO waters (idea courtesy I'm Topsy Turvy), Light Saber Pretzel Rods (lots of sites had this, can't remember which sparked it!), grapes, popcorn (still in sealed bowl) and chocolate dipped fruit was added to the empty plate you see.  The fruit was supposed to have been Kyle's birthday treat at school the day before, but it was cancelled for threat of impending snow.

The parents had to have goodies too.  So upstairs we had veggies with Jabba the Hummus, pita, crackers, cheese and more chocolate fruit.  We also had Yoda-ritas (non-alcoholic and regular strength), along with a selection of beer and soda.  Yes, we served alcohol, and no, not to the minors.  You get 16 kids in your basement under the age of 7 and see if you don't feel like having a drink.  I can't take credit for this fabulous beast.  Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons has awesome ideas.  If we are throwing another Star Wars party next year, I know right where to go!

No party would be complete without a cake.  First, my children nor myself or the Mister like cake.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I get key lime pie, the Mister is angel food guy, K-Man has settled on ice cream cake, and I am fairly certain that Mini-Me will follow her brother's lead since she had 2 slices yesterday!  Anyway, we discovered a little gem last year.  You can have images printed onto icing.  Then you can put them on any cake.  We have bought last year's and this year's from a seller on e-bay, Single Source Party Supply.  I simply buy a Friendly's ice cream cake, scrape of the top border icing, lay the image on, pipe a new border and you are set.  So much cheaper than the cakes with decorations from a bakery. 

Stay tuned in tomorrow for the details on activities!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, K-Man!

It is hard to believe 5 years has past.  Technically, K-Man's birthday isn't until 11:15PM tonight, but we will wait a few more years to explain that one :).  We were at the hospital alreay though by this time.  OK, we were at the hospital at 2AM.  February 8th was a LOOOONG one.  I remember the nurses saying, "Look at the hands and feet on this baby."  In true form, those big hands and feet have translated to a big boy.  He is already 47 1/4 inches tall and 48 lbs - at only 5 years old!

Now let's hope this blizzard passes on through so we can enjoy the big Star Wars party tomorrow with all his friends.  The yummy chocolate dipped fruit we made for his school birthday treat has now become our snowed-in treat, pending more snow of course.
Happy Birthday to my Big Boy!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Nearly Lost Lovey or How Not to Spend Wed

Mini Me has a lovey.  I didn't really intend for her too.  K-Man was never interested and honestly it was easier that way.  Unfortunately, she took to a little Gund frog blanket thing.  He is really cute and all, but guess when Froggy joined our ranks - 5 years ago when K-Man was born.  Guess what is IMPOSSIBLE to this point to find a backup for?  I have looked.  Gund apparently has this not so brilliant plan to change this SatineeSnug line each year.  So while they still have a frog in the line, no 2 year frogs look alike.  Just shoot me now!

Today was going nice and smooth.  Mini-Me and I ran some errands while the K-Man was at school.  We got lots accomplished and even made a trip back to the house to unload before going back for him.  She asked for a yogurt smoothie in a pouch before we left to get K-Man.  I remember setting Froggy on the roof of the car while I buckled her.  That was the last time I could place that blasted Froggy.  We picked up the K-Man, headed to Lowes for a few quick items, then back to the car for home.

It was right about then that she was looking for Froggy and I started to panic.  I nearly went back inside Lowes, but all I could picture was him on the roof of the car.  I didn't think she had him in the car at all.  Lowes and school are 2.5 miles from my door.  I got all the way home, ran inside and no frog.  Crap!  I was certain he must have been on the roof when I pulled out of the driveway.  Since the teacher putting Kyle in the car didn't mention it, I was also certain he didn't make it that far.  But we retraced our driving steps anyway.  The whole time, Mini-Me is shouting for Froggy because it is almost nap time, and she knows he is supposed to be there.  Now, I am borderline frantic to match her shouts.

I pull back into the garage, sans Froggy.  I get her ready for nap.  She is literally yelling at me, "No No Mama, Frog!"  Yep, huge parenting fail here.  I searched for about an hour figuring he had to have fallen off immediately.  It is gusty here and maybe he was blown to the back of the property, etc.  Nope.  My friend calls in the middle of my nervous breakdown, and calmly suggests emailing the block party list to basically put out an APB.  Then my sister calls, and I remember I wanted to check with Lowes on that offchance he fell out of the car when we went inside the store. 

The woman at Lowes was so funny.  She says in a very concerned voice, "Oh no!  Not a woobie?!"  Obviously she has children and knew the severity of the situation.  Thankfully, the Lovey gods were shining down on us today.  Froggy had been found and turned in to the service desk at Lowes.  Mommy had righted her parenting fail at least by a little notch, and Mini-Me would be a happy girl when she woke.  Guess what her first words when she woke were?  "Mama, Frog?"  Whew!  Crisis averted.

**PS:  If anyone has a Gund SatineeSnug Frog from 5 years ago, I beg you to consider selling it to me!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Pinatas

Cat-foiled attempt on right :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

3 Cats to 2... Hmmm

I am going to keep this short and sweet.  K-Man's birthday is Friday, party is Saturday.  The floor was just completed in the basement last night.  In a total frenzy to clean up drywall dust among other things AND prepare for a house full of 4/5 year olds.  Oh, and did I mention that the cat chewed on the only part of the balloon sticking out of a wet pinata last night?  RUINED.  Seriously considering violence at the moment.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Mom Entitlement?

This topic is not new, but something happened recently that irritated the skin right off my nose.  I won't go into exact details, just the gist. 

I know lots of moms, it happens when you have kids.  I also know lots that have children in the same age range.  And as moms do, we discuss said kids or things we do with kids.  We ask advice or maybe just suggestions on simple things.  No problem, right?  Well, it would be if some moms didn't see it as an opportunity to make it a teaching moment for all involved.

Let's be realistic.  With the way the world is these days, we all have access to more information than anyone ever thought was possible.  My friend wrote the other day about simpler times and being a bit envious of it.  In this respect, I agree.  If you wanted research, you had to go to a library and use a card catalog - gasp!  For the under 20 set, this is a system of cards that used to be used in the library to catalog books.  Google it!  LOL.  Anywho - now with the internet at our fingertips, everyone is an armchair researcher, and if you are really not lucky, also a sharer.

Well, my friends, here is a newsflash!  I DON'T CARE.  And if I did, I would research it or ask about it myself.  But I just really don't.  I have made my choices on diapering, feeding, carseats, foods, drinks, and vaccines among others all by my little old self with the help of the other parental figure in my home.  We made them based on our values, not yours.  Yes, we want the best for our kids, and we want them to be safe BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.  We also want you not to preach to us when we chose differently than you.  Guess what?!  My kids are doing pretty well.  They are healthy and intelligent and growing just fine despite my blatant disregard for all things researched.  So next time a discussion is brewing and the urge bubbles up inside you to share about why my decision is wrong based on XYZ... kindly squash that bubble and let it out the other end.  It produces much the same effect only the scent will disappate and my irritation is sadly still here.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Staying Fit on Vacation

I don't think I have EVER consistently worked out on vacation.  I might do 1 run or 1 workout, but seriously that is it.  This time though, I am in the middle of my 1/2 marathon training, and I didn't feel that I could just blow off a week.  By chance, the schedule was showing all light runs last week other than the long Sunday run, which just wasn't going to happen.  Let's be honest.

Overall though, I did pretty good with workouts.  My biggest issue was that the gym had 1 treadmill. The limit was 30 minutes if it was between 7 & 9 AM, which of course is when it was!  I had run on Friday before leaving, but Saturday was a bust, and Sunday we were in the middle of having our room switched.  However, I did make it out Monday morning.  Sadly, the treadmill was in use, so I had to do 12 minutes of elliptical before it was available.  Did I ever mention I HATE the elliptical machine?  I don't know what it is about that.  I know it can be a good workout, but I feel trapped.  Your feet are stuck in that little spot the whole time.  Clearly, I have issues.  I did get 30 minutes on the treadmill too.

Tuesday was a similar situation, only I had to do 20 minutes on the recumbent bike (TORTURE!) first.  As much as I hate the elliptical, I dislike a bike even more.  I had the choice of recumbent or regular stationary at least!  I don't know if I was too close or what, but when I stepped onto the treadmill, my knees were killing me.  It didn't last though - WHEW!  Finally on Wednesday and Saturday both, I got to do just the treadmill.  Thurdsday, we snorkeled and hiked Dunns River Falls, so I am fairly certain they counted for crosstraining.  I took Friday off.

 Food wasn't too much of a challenge since Jamaicans eat really well.  It is the Americanized stuff that gets you - pastas, pizza, burgers, etc.  I mostly stuck with the jerk pork/chicken, seafood, local fruits and veggies.  I tried little bits of desserts, but nothing was fabulous enough that I wanted more.  The downfall of the trip was ... adult beverages.  What else would one expect at an all-inclusive though?  I don't do the foo-foo stuff because the calories in mixers are out of this world.  My tastes have changed drastically through the years and the sweet stuff doesn't really do it for me.  There was Red Stripe Light on tap - if the tap and the keg actually matched.  Hey, I am realistic, it MAY have been full calorie beer LOL.  I tried to record my food in My Fitness Pal, but can't say I accurately tracked the beers.  Let's just say I think I likely drank more beers than the miles I ran.  But it was vacation, right?!

Good news is that I am not really up from before we left.  My last weigh in was January 9th because I forgot on January 16th, then was in JA for the 23rd.  And Holla! Down 1.2 lbs today from the 9th.  So maybe it really was Red Stripe Light!