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Guest Blogger from In Bloom talks Rewards

Hello Susan Today’s homies! Samantha here, from In Bloom.

If you’re unfamiliar with my blog, I write mostly about this new lifestyle I've adopted. I've been on a weight loss journey since May 2, 2012. As of today I've lost 30 pounds—the “right” way.  No pills, fad diets or quick fix cleanses. Just watching what I eat and being active.

I've discovered that rewards are real important. Today I’m going to talk about why and give you lots of ideas for treating yourself.
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Rewards not only mark a success, but they keep you heading towards another one.

I found this out because I stopped rewarding myself for my mini milestones. I have recently found myself in a stand-still lull with no motivation to be found…anywhere. Like for miles.
first shellac mani, reward #1! 
My first reward was at 10-15 pounds ish, and I got my first shellac manicure. At 20 ish pounds I got some new workout clothes. Recently? No rewards. I guess I just thought I was on a roll –down thirty pounds?!?—so that alone would be my motivation.

I was wrong!
When looking at my fitness calendar (at my weight records)— I've noticed I was losing more and more motivation and less weight through the holidays. It’s finally become an all out BLAH ish situation.

So here’s my solution. Set rewards for anything you’re attempting to do.  Not just if you’re trying to lose weight. If you’re applying for jobs day in and day out, when you finally land an interview or score a job—reward yourself. Did you send out 14 applications in two days? And your goal was 10? Then you should be proud! Maybe you cleaned out your horrendous closet.  Maybe you finally got your office/bills/bathroom/kitchen cabinets organized. Maybe you paid off your credit card.  Maybe you handled a difficult customer at work like a boss! Maybe you worked out everyday for a week/month. Get yourself a little something, do something nice for yourself.

I don’t mean blow big bucks every time you aren't socially awkward when you see your ex bff in public. What I do mean, is when you have succeeded at something that has taken time, patience, and persistence, don’t let it go unnoticed.  Your kids probably get an allowance and your dog gets bacon treats, why not something for you too?

My first weight loss goal was to reach 150 lbs (I started at 185—my goal is now 130 lbs). Here I am at about 155, and I have lost my umph. So I’ve decided that when I hit 150 I get to go to this cute little boutique and buy some new clothes—I desperately need some anyway and I am not one to spend cash on clothes anymore. So it’ll be a real treat!!

Here is a list of ideas of things to reward yourself with—ideas for all budgets. From a bottle of nail polish to a salon mani/pedi.  I will not include any food-related items on this list because you are not a dog, and you should not reward yourself with food.  Alcohol, well, that’s another situation and I’ll allow it. Ha.

1.     Massage—if you’re brave check out vendors on Groupon

2.     Facial

3.     Spray tan package (or if you wanna flirt with cancer—a tanning bed package)

4.     Or at home self-tan supplies (my favorites are Fake Bake or Tan Towels)

5.     Manicure and/or pedicure

6.     Jewelry (I’m thinking Target, but you could go Zales if that’s your thing)
7.     New shirt/scarf

8.     Try a new eye shadow/lip gloss—Ulta is my favorite place for this!

9.     Highlights/lowlights/haircut

10. Shoes!

11. Phone cover

12. Bottle of wine you’ve been wanting to try, or just your old favorite!

13. Workout clothes or shoes

14. Yoga class or membership

15. Anything off of Etsy

16. Eyebrow wax…or any type of wax…

17. Bubble bath (think Walmart or even Lush!)

18. Nail polish
19. Teeth whitening strips

20. Home accessory you’ve been eyeing at Pier One.

21. Eye lash extensions

22. Panties! I love the VS by 5 for $25 deals. Feels like I’ve won the lottery. Ish.

23. iTunes app/music

24. Try making your favorite cocktail at home

25. Pick up a couple trashy celebrity gossip magazines

26. Yummy smelling candle

27. Car air freshener

28. Try out a new foundation!
29. Lotion. Bath & Body works deals!

30. Get your car detailed

31. Have a groomer bathe your dog, so you don’t have to

32. Get a sitter for those babies, and have a peaceful dinner out!

33. Have a Molly Maid tackle your kitchen for you!

34. A night at a B&B/hotel—alone or with your significant other

35. Turn your phone off for a few hours, and drink the wine you got from #12

36. Everything from number #34, also watching all the stuff you DVR and never get to watch. In peace.

I hope with these THIRTY SIX ideas I’ve listed for you, that you will take some time to pamper and reward yourself.  I have made the excuse of not being able to think of anything, or not being able to afford anything, completely invalid.  Those were my excuses for awhile…but no longer! I’m only five pounds away from my next reward!! 

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  1. aww i love samantha!! this was a great reminder, i totally need to set rewards now!!! so doing this!!!

  2. Love it. I want to do all of them~~


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