Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting Back to Normal

On bus to Dunns River Falls - Singing Big Bamboo :P
Vacation always seems like a good idea until you have to come back to reality LOL.  In case you didn't figure it out, I had guest bloggers all week so I could enjoy some sun and relaxation with the Mister - in Jamaica :).  Why is it then that I feel like a crazy person after a week off from the house and kids? 

Well to be fair, we added our own drama to the whole thing.  We decided to fly out of Newark thinking it would be easier.  No connection on the way home was a big advantage.  For any of you going through customs, you are familiar with the perils of missing the connection due to long lines.  We thought we might as well choose our point of disconnect versus being stuck in a hub - Charlotte, Philly, Detroit, DC, etc.  Newark is less than 180 miles away after all.

The way the hotels there work it is by getting you to spend the night in Newark the night before, then shuttling you to the airport for your flight.  Essentially, your parking is "free", or potentially less than it should be by parking at the airport.  This system should work seamlessly.  You fly back in, look for the hotel shuttle, then hop on when it comes.  EXCEPT, have you ever been to Newark airport?  Seriously, there are few airports I find more frustrating, and the hotel direction wasn't any more helpful.  We land, call them and they say "Go to Passenger Pick Up P4".  OK, great, we are already there.  Until over 5 phone calls and 45 minutes later, we realize that there is ANOTHER P4.  Oh, and you have to take some AirTrain to get there, that by the way isn't running, so get on a bus, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.  Did I mention it was almost 9:30 PM by the time we realized this?  We still had a 2-3 hour drive home!

All said and done, we get in after 12:30AM the next morning to the house.  Guess who doesn't sleep in past 7ish AM?  That's right, the kids, who we literally are jonesing to see, but we are also slightly punch drunk and haven't eaten since 2:30PM the day before in Jamaica!  Sunday is a blur and Monday comes with the expectation of us behaving human.  I survived, but barely.  The basement is still a work in progress, so the treadmill is out of commission.  By the time the Mister arrived home from work/picking up the basement flooring, I was TOAST.  A nice long bath, wine and a little Nashville revived me.  Today I was actually a productive member of society - laundry done, bills done, blogs written... oh snap, but dinner needs to be cooked and it is after 5.  Gotta Run :) Actually, running is later in the workshop, where the treadmill is temporarily.  That should be interesting!

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