Thursday, January 24, 2013

Battles of a Food Addict from Finding Myself in Food & Fitness

Hi my name is Tangela Linn from Finding Myself in Food and Fitness. Susan has asked me to guest blog today. She gave the opportunity to write on anything my heart desired and I found that a bit hard at first, but after some pondering, I decided to tackle a topic that has been near and dear to my heart since I started this fitness journey.

I am a girl that loves food. I LOVE it and my life used to completely revolve around it. When I was a child I got a Burger King or McDonald’s kid’s meal every single day. Can you believe it? Well that was what I wanted and I got it because my mother is one of those women that show love by providing. Now think about what I just said. My mother shows her love through her ability to provide, specifically her ability to feed. Because of this I’ve spent many a day surrounded in donuts, cakes and pies wondering how in the world I will overcome this.

I love food and I grew up to be a person who also shows love through the kitchen. I love to cook and bake. Being in the kitchen is somewhat therapeutic to me. If you followed me on Pinterest (tmlinn) you would see that I walk a thin line between healthy and sensationally naughty when it comes to my food board. So I’ve had to purposefully work to transform my love of food. So far I have lost 6.6lbs. I can see the first 10lb marker over the horizon and I use things like this to push me. The girl who used to hate vegetables now works to incorporate new things regularly. I ate greens for New Years for the first time ever. Now I enjoy cooking healthful meals for my family. I enjoy experimenting with new recipes and through this I can merge this new me I am molding with my inner food addict. Do I always cook healthfully? No, of course not. I love baking cookies and cakes (especially cheesecake). Yum! The point is you do not have to be “good” all the time. It doesn’t have to be all salads, because that is definitely not my reality. But my struggle and my victory has been merging my inner fattie, food lover with the new fitness minded me.

We can do it ladies!
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  1. I think we had a summer where I bought my kids mcd's almost every day. Horrible :(


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