Monday, January 14, 2013

A Star Wars Christmas

The K-Man is obsessed to put it mildly.  We are completely immersed in Legos these days.  It started out with Lego Ninjago because the geniuses with Lego have a tv show about this series of toys.  While we didn't mind Ninjago, he has since graduated to Lego Star Wars.  To be honest, it isn't awful since the Mister and I are big fans of Star Wars ourselves. 

But when I say obsessed, I don't think you can even comprehend where this has gone.  When we first even allowed small Legos in our home (not Duplo), we said small sets only.  The thing is, this kid has our genes.  He is WAY too good at the small sets.  He can sit and build a 200 piece set by himself in no time.  Santa apparently decided he had been good enough and he got the mother of all sets this Christmas - Palpantine's Arrest (yep! just like from the movie).  It has launching pieces, a break away window, and like 6 minifigures.  If you aren't up on Legos, it is ALL about the minifigs.  This sucker had 649 pieces, and it was built by the end of Christmas day.  I did have to help some on it, since it was a little more involved, but seriously, the kid is good!

Aside from Lego sets, he didn't get a single thing that didn't revolve around Star Wars - socks, pajamas, luggage, toothbrushes, candy canes - you name it!  Did you even know that there was that much Star Wars stuff out there?  I am telling you Lego and Star Wars people are absolutely BRILLIANT!  They are creating a whole new realm of fans before they are even old enough to watch the movies.  And now with a new movie in the works... just incredibly smart.

This video will give you a small glimpse inside our Lego world.  He does these based on You Tube videos he watches by other people.  His personal favorite is The Brick Queen.  He really just can't understand why that can't be his title, that is how enamoured he is with her!

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