Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting Back to Normal

On bus to Dunns River Falls - Singing Big Bamboo :P
Vacation always seems like a good idea until you have to come back to reality LOL.  In case you didn't figure it out, I had guest bloggers all week so I could enjoy some sun and relaxation with the Mister - in Jamaica :).  Why is it then that I feel like a crazy person after a week off from the house and kids? 

Well to be fair, we added our own drama to the whole thing.  We decided to fly out of Newark thinking it would be easier.  No connection on the way home was a big advantage.  For any of you going through customs, you are familiar with the perils of missing the connection due to long lines.  We thought we might as well choose our point of disconnect versus being stuck in a hub - Charlotte, Philly, Detroit, DC, etc.  Newark is less than 180 miles away after all.

The way the hotels there work it is by getting you to spend the night in Newark the night before, then shuttling you to the airport for your flight.  Essentially, your parking is "free", or potentially less than it should be by parking at the airport.  This system should work seamlessly.  You fly back in, look for the hotel shuttle, then hop on when it comes.  EXCEPT, have you ever been to Newark airport?  Seriously, there are few airports I find more frustrating, and the hotel direction wasn't any more helpful.  We land, call them and they say "Go to Passenger Pick Up P4".  OK, great, we are already there.  Until over 5 phone calls and 45 minutes later, we realize that there is ANOTHER P4.  Oh, and you have to take some AirTrain to get there, that by the way isn't running, so get on a bus, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.  Did I mention it was almost 9:30 PM by the time we realized this?  We still had a 2-3 hour drive home!

All said and done, we get in after 12:30AM the next morning to the house.  Guess who doesn't sleep in past 7ish AM?  That's right, the kids, who we literally are jonesing to see, but we are also slightly punch drunk and haven't eaten since 2:30PM the day before in Jamaica!  Sunday is a blur and Monday comes with the expectation of us behaving human.  I survived, but barely.  The basement is still a work in progress, so the treadmill is out of commission.  By the time the Mister arrived home from work/picking up the basement flooring, I was TOAST.  A nice long bath, wine and a little Nashville revived me.  Today I was actually a productive member of society - laundry done, bills done, blogs written... oh snap, but dinner needs to be cooked and it is after 5.  Gotta Run :) Actually, running is later in the workshop, where the treadmill is temporarily.  That should be interesting!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Why I had Guest Bloggers

Snorkeling off the coast of Jamaica

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fantasy or Outright Lies

Please welcome my good friend, Julie with her view (and one I completely agree with) on the lies stories we tell our children.  Leave some feedback for her.  She really needs to get her own blog going, right?!

There are a few things I think back upon, from when I was growing up, that I am envious of my parents.  They didn't have to worry about buckling us up in the car, or gearing us up in pads and helmets to ride our bicycles.  I understand we have all of this now for good reason, but it must have been so easy for them to send us out and play.  Today we need to make sure they have on every bit of proper attire, and shimmy our way into the backseats to buckle them in and out, every time we make a stop.  This got me to thinking how many other things we have just made absolutely more difficult for ourselves in terms of raising children.

When I grew up, my parents told me about Santa, and the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny.  But they were simple stories - Santa was a big fat guy who lived in the North Pole and brought us presents at Christmas.  We sent off ONE letter to him, never expecting an answer, just waiting for Christmas morning to see if he actually got it.  He usually did.  Sometimes, we would read stories about Frosty and Rudolph, and sing the songs ad nauseum, but that was the extent of my parent's involvement.  Most of it had to do with my imagination and experience.  I could have sworn that I heard reindeer hooves on our roof one year.  Another time, I was extremely suspicious of a department store Santa, but my mom said, "Nope, that's him."  Okay, done and done.  I just believed her.  The tooth fairy posed a huge mystery.  All I knew about her was she was this little fairy who would come in while I was asleep, take my tooth and leave a quarter.  I never even thought to ask my parents what her name was, or what she looked like.  None of my friends knew, so I guessed that was just part of the mystery.

Today, however, I find myself creating fantastical stories to keep up with the advances in technology that seem to keep detailing these wonderful childhood fantasies.  For instance, there is a website now that my daughter heard of from a friend in school that allows you to meet your own "personal" tooth fairy!  Apparently, there is more than one.  Each person has their own, and that fairy has a name.  Madelyn's happens to be named Kiera, while Celia found out hers is Natalie.  So when they decide to write their tooth fairies letters, and asks them if they know another tooth fairy, well you can imagine how delicately I have to address this.  Not so much for them, but for me.  Now I have to remember what I wrote to each as child as a particular fairy, and I have to research what the dang website says about how they collect the teeth and what they do with them after they take them.  Oh, and not only that, I have to explain, in my very best fairy handwriting, why they only get a dollar, and Kaitlyn in school got a wii game.  Really?  I feel there should be some sort international parent organization that sets rules and limits on what each fantasy character can bring.

Don't even get me started with Christmas.  I have to admit that I love our elf on the shelf - great addition to behavior modification.  However, my children find it necessary to write to Buttons every...single....night.  So now we not only have to remember to hide him before we go to bed, now we have to write them a letter answering their questions about Rudolf and who my (Buttons) favorite reindeer is, and if my other elf friends have really bad kids who are going to get coal.  And what about the website that tracks Santa's progress on Christmas Eve?  I know all of this is supposed to be in the spirit of the holiday, but is it?  I really feel that instead of having my children believe in innocent holiday traditions, I am flat out lying to them.  I am stacking my lies, piling one on top of the other.  I'm afraid that my kids are not going to find out the truth from their friends at recess, but by me, either slipping on top of my gigantic pile of untruths, or one day admitting that I just can't handle the stress anymore!  "Okay!  I admit it!  There is no Santa!  Mommy just made up the whole story...I don't know why (sob, sob)...I...don't....know....whyyyyy!"  Hopefully it won't end like this.  With my husband's help and copious notes, we should be able to keep this going for another, oh gosh wait, is it 10 more years?  Well, here's to the holidays, and keeping our children happy!      

Friday, January 25, 2013

"Secrets" to Fitness from Living Life Fully at Fifty

While Susan Bergman is away enjoying her sunny vacation she needed a few volunteers to be guest bloggers so I thought I’d raise my hand and volunteer.

My journey to a healthier fit life began over 9 months ago when I had a pretty big wake-up call from my boy friends Mother who told me to stop remodeling our home and get a tummy tuck! Seriously did she say that???? Yep she did. Her comments forced me to take a hard look at my weight and my relationship to food. You can read about my journey at:
Living Life Fully at Fifty

So many people have asked me what my “secret” is and what am I doing differently? So I thought I would write a little about food, diet and motivation in this post.

Even at my highest weight I was still very active but the “hitch in my giddy up” as my Grandpa would say was my relationship to food. I’m a foodie! I love to eat, cook, bake and entertain. Food just makes me happy! I eat when I’m content, sad, stressed and bored. But food was also making me fat and unhealthy. So I decided to change. Through the course of the last 9 months I’ve lost 53 lbs, changed my relationship with food, learned to stay motivated and focused on my goals and also completed my first half marathon.

My view of food and exercise, have changed dramatically. I now track everything that I put in mouth with My Fitness Pal. I love, love, love this site. It makes me more accountable for what I’m eating and helps me to better understand portion control. I’ve also discovered a few other things along the way:

Food is fuel…Eating is not a part-time job or a hobby.

You can’t out train a bad diet. No matter how hard you work out in the gym if you can’t control what you’re shoving into your pie-hole nothing good can happen.

Eat less…move more! No magic pill, potion or powder will take the place of hard work, daily focus and sacrifice.

Setting goals has been one of the biggest factors in my success. I have set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. This has helped me stay focused on the big picture. What do you need to do to attain your goals? Start breaking it down bit by bit and soon you’ll have a plan. Find a race or walk that you can set your sights on doing. Or find something else that motivates you to stay on track. The second part of staying motivated for me has been the hardest…making myself accountable to my family, friends and the ladies on ML Fit Camp. It has been terrifying and liberating all in the same breath. It’s very easy to have grandiose goals and ideas it’s another thing to write those goals down and share them with the world. Accountability, I have discovered is part of the key to success.

Don't forget to visit Arlene and follow more of her journey at Living Life Fully at Fifty!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Battles of a Food Addict from Finding Myself in Food & Fitness

Hi my name is Tangela Linn from Finding Myself in Food and Fitness. Susan has asked me to guest blog today. She gave the opportunity to write on anything my heart desired and I found that a bit hard at first, but after some pondering, I decided to tackle a topic that has been near and dear to my heart since I started this fitness journey.

I am a girl that loves food. I LOVE it and my life used to completely revolve around it. When I was a child I got a Burger King or McDonald’s kid’s meal every single day. Can you believe it? Well that was what I wanted and I got it because my mother is one of those women that show love by providing. Now think about what I just said. My mother shows her love through her ability to provide, specifically her ability to feed. Because of this I’ve spent many a day surrounded in donuts, cakes and pies wondering how in the world I will overcome this.

I love food and I grew up to be a person who also shows love through the kitchen. I love to cook and bake. Being in the kitchen is somewhat therapeutic to me. If you followed me on Pinterest (tmlinn) you would see that I walk a thin line between healthy and sensationally naughty when it comes to my food board. So I’ve had to purposefully work to transform my love of food. So far I have lost 6.6lbs. I can see the first 10lb marker over the horizon and I use things like this to push me. The girl who used to hate vegetables now works to incorporate new things regularly. I ate greens for New Years for the first time ever. Now I enjoy cooking healthful meals for my family. I enjoy experimenting with new recipes and through this I can merge this new me I am molding with my inner food addict. Do I always cook healthfully? No, of course not. I love baking cookies and cakes (especially cheesecake). Yum! The point is you do not have to be “good” all the time. It doesn’t have to be all salads, because that is definitely not my reality. But my struggle and my victory has been merging my inner fattie, food lover with the new fitness minded me.

We can do it ladies!
Please visit me at Finding Myself in Food and Fitness to see more! ~ Tangela Linn

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Say It Isn't So

This either indicates that the Patriots lost or she has to wear it for one more week.  You tell me.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Surviving the Super Bowl from Serendipity Creative

Whether you’re throwing the party or attending one, it’s pretty likely that you’ll be spending February 3rd with football on a big screen surrounded by delicious food and drinks. I hope you are, at least, even if you’re only watching for the commercials! Hot wings, cold beer, and potato chips may be on the usual menu but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to throw away your healthy habits for one afternoon. Here are a few tips for surviving the Super Bowl, guilt-free and with your pants still buttoned.

If you’re playing host, be sure to provide plenty of healthy alternatives. This doesn’t mean you can’t have your usual fat, grease laden fare but it does mean you have the opportunity to skinny them up, or skip them all together letting those lucky bastards with the metabolism of a 14 year-old boy eat them. Make a salad or have a fruit and/or veggie tray. Provide hummus and pita chips. Save money and calories by opting for homemade, thin crust (or tortilla) pizzas instead of ordering out. If you’re attending as a guest, ask the host if you can provide some munchies and bring something you know will satisfy you and keep you from eating an entire back of Funyuns. Don’t judge me. You know you’ve done it.
Stop grazing. You are not a gazelle. Repeat after me. You. Are not. A. Gazelle. Make a plate and walk away from the food. Walk away.

Plan ahead. If you know you’re going to want some of the junk, that’s okay. Plan for it. Have a light breakfast and a salad for dinner. A few junk calories aren’t going to kill you (don’t quote me on that, they might. I’m not a doctor.). If you’re the exercising type, get your butt in gear that morning or plan for a longer work out the following day.
Drink water. Yes, you can still enjoy a bubbly beverage or two (or five) but drinking water in between your alcoholic beverages of choice serves many purposes. You’ll be combating that inevitable hang over by keeping hydrated, cutting back on boozey calories, and keeping yourself full.

Actually watch the game (or the commercials, whatever you came to see) or keep talking. We all know these things are really about socializing anyway. It will help distract you from the heap of cheese covered, deep-fried goodness.
Move around. Sitting on the couch staring at a screen for hours on end is going to do nothing for you. Stand, walk around, create a ridiculous celebration dance. Just move.

Don’t take home leftovers. If you’re hosting, give away leftovers. I know, I know. It’s like dividing by 0. As a guest, you may have piles of food thrust upon you as you’re walking out the door. Politely decline or offer to take what is left of your healthy snack, if there is any. As a host, you’ll want to get rid of it. Pawn it off on your guests but don’t be offended when someone politely declines.
Be sure to check us out for more tips on hosting a Super Bowl Party!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Guest Blogger from In Bloom talks Rewards

Hello Susan Today’s homies! Samantha here, from In Bloom.

If you’re unfamiliar with my blog, I write mostly about this new lifestyle I've adopted. I've been on a weight loss journey since May 2, 2012. As of today I've lost 30 pounds—the “right” way.  No pills, fad diets or quick fix cleanses. Just watching what I eat and being active.

I've discovered that rewards are real important. Today I’m going to talk about why and give you lots of ideas for treating yourself.
Image from google images
Rewards not only mark a success, but they keep you heading towards another one.

I found this out because I stopped rewarding myself for my mini milestones. I have recently found myself in a stand-still lull with no motivation to be found…anywhere. Like for miles.
first shellac mani, reward #1! 
My first reward was at 10-15 pounds ish, and I got my first shellac manicure. At 20 ish pounds I got some new workout clothes. Recently? No rewards. I guess I just thought I was on a roll –down thirty pounds?!?—so that alone would be my motivation.

I was wrong!
When looking at my fitness calendar (at my weight records)— I've noticed I was losing more and more motivation and less weight through the holidays. It’s finally become an all out BLAH ish situation.

So here’s my solution. Set rewards for anything you’re attempting to do.  Not just if you’re trying to lose weight. If you’re applying for jobs day in and day out, when you finally land an interview or score a job—reward yourself. Did you send out 14 applications in two days? And your goal was 10? Then you should be proud! Maybe you cleaned out your horrendous closet.  Maybe you finally got your office/bills/bathroom/kitchen cabinets organized. Maybe you paid off your credit card.  Maybe you handled a difficult customer at work like a boss! Maybe you worked out everyday for a week/month. Get yourself a little something, do something nice for yourself.

I don’t mean blow big bucks every time you aren't socially awkward when you see your ex bff in public. What I do mean, is when you have succeeded at something that has taken time, patience, and persistence, don’t let it go unnoticed.  Your kids probably get an allowance and your dog gets bacon treats, why not something for you too?

My first weight loss goal was to reach 150 lbs (I started at 185—my goal is now 130 lbs). Here I am at about 155, and I have lost my umph. So I’ve decided that when I hit 150 I get to go to this cute little boutique and buy some new clothes—I desperately need some anyway and I am not one to spend cash on clothes anymore. So it’ll be a real treat!!

Here is a list of ideas of things to reward yourself with—ideas for all budgets. From a bottle of nail polish to a salon mani/pedi.  I will not include any food-related items on this list because you are not a dog, and you should not reward yourself with food.  Alcohol, well, that’s another situation and I’ll allow it. Ha.

1.     Massage—if you’re brave check out vendors on Groupon

2.     Facial

3.     Spray tan package (or if you wanna flirt with cancer—a tanning bed package)

4.     Or at home self-tan supplies (my favorites are Fake Bake or Tan Towels)

5.     Manicure and/or pedicure

6.     Jewelry (I’m thinking Target, but you could go Zales if that’s your thing)
7.     New shirt/scarf

8.     Try a new eye shadow/lip gloss—Ulta is my favorite place for this!

9.     Highlights/lowlights/haircut

10. Shoes!

11. Phone cover

12. Bottle of wine you’ve been wanting to try, or just your old favorite!

13. Workout clothes or shoes

14. Yoga class or membership

15. Anything off of Etsy

16. Eyebrow wax…or any type of wax…

17. Bubble bath (think Walmart or even Lush!)

18. Nail polish
19. Teeth whitening strips

20. Home accessory you’ve been eyeing at Pier One.

21. Eye lash extensions

22. Panties! I love the VS by 5 for $25 deals. Feels like I’ve won the lottery. Ish.

23. iTunes app/music

24. Try making your favorite cocktail at home

25. Pick up a couple trashy celebrity gossip magazines

26. Yummy smelling candle

27. Car air freshener

28. Try out a new foundation!
29. Lotion. Bath & Body works deals!

30. Get your car detailed

31. Have a groomer bathe your dog, so you don’t have to

32. Get a sitter for those babies, and have a peaceful dinner out!

33. Have a Molly Maid tackle your kitchen for you!

34. A night at a B&B/hotel—alone or with your significant other

35. Turn your phone off for a few hours, and drink the wine you got from #12

36. Everything from number #34, also watching all the stuff you DVR and never get to watch. In peace.

I hope with these THIRTY SIX ideas I’ve listed for you, that you will take some time to pamper and reward yourself.  I have made the excuse of not being able to think of anything, or not being able to afford anything, completely invalid.  Those were my excuses for awhile…but no longer! I’m only five pounds away from my next reward!! 

Remember to hop on over and follow me at In Bloom


Friday, January 18, 2013

Kindergarten Registration - holy smokes!

1 year
How did this happen?  Why did someone send me paperwork for a child to register for Kindergarten?  Surely there isn't a child in MY house that is that old?!  I mean he was only born... crap, almost exactly 5 years ago!! 

It isn't like I didn't know the K-Man would eventually go to public school.  But riding a bus, like a big boy?  How could that be happening already?  In all honesty, I think he will be very excited when it comes the time.  He loves to be with kids and his sister is just not as cooperative as he would like.  It will certainly be a switch though, not having him home all the time.

2 years

Of course, there is that small factor that our school system only has 1/2 day kindergarten.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Despite the government mandating that all schools go to full day, ours continues on with 1/2 day.  I think I am hoping for afternoon, which of course will mean we will get the other, right?  I know that most people would chew their left arm off before having afternoon, but when you have a younger sibling that still naps, afternoons don't sound so bad.  I won't be out anyway.

I do wonder how Mini-Me will handle the separation.  Despite her uncooperativeness in play now (at almost 18 months), she ADORES her big brother.  The crowd at Tae Kwon Do gets a big laugh each week as she calls to her brother on the floor and cheers for each activity he does.  Of course, she will also be asleep for some of it - LOL.

<--- 3years="3years" div="div" style="text-align: left;">

Looks like we need a new picture for the 5 year/18 month mark! 
(Excuse the poor copy, it was scanned.)
4 years &18 months
Stay tuned next week when I have guest bloggers! It should be lots of fun!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heart Rate Training

As you know, I am training for my half marathon.  I am now into my 6th week.  For Christmas, the Mister got me a heart rate monitor upon my request.  It is quite the nifty device.  You strap it around your chest and then link it to your iphone via an app.  I use the Polar Beat app, since it is a Polar H7 strap heart rate monitor.  Then it tracks your heart rate through whatever activity you choose.  They provide training apps, or you enter in the activity you are performing. 

I do most of my running, okay 99.9% of my running, on the treadmill.  It is tough to get outside with the 2 kids, plus I am not a big run-on-the-road kind of gal.  The main road by me has a 45 mph speed limit and little burm.  Not for me!  I would do parks or trails, but it is dark at 4:30pm right now.  So until further notice, I am on the treadmill nearly everyday at 12Noon, Mini-Me's naptime. 

I am getting sidetracked though...  I thought I should train with a monitor since I won't really be experiencing road changes, elevations, etc.  I need to prepare my body to perform regardless of the conditions.  As it turns out, this monitor training is tougher than I expected.  It is challenging because I have had to slow down.  The words no runner ever wants to hear.  Seriously, no one goes out and plans to run less time or distance than yesterday unless they are following a training schedule. 

Thankfully, I have found some great resources.  I have been assured that I will once again run at a faster pace, starting slower than you were going is normal. When you train your heart muscle, your goal should be to keep the heart rate at 70-80% of your maximum.  That maximum is based on your age mostly.  Mine runs around 185 bpm, max.

The good news is that I have seen the training working already.  One night, I was to keep at 70-80% and was practically crawling, in my book.  The next day, I was able to up the speed by 2/10s mph and still stay in the correct heart rate range.  Then I also had sprints to do.  I had to increase the speed of each sprint to get my heart rate into the 70-80% range!  Pretty soon, I was back where I started.  Then last night, I did a low heart rate run (60-70%), and was at the same speed that increased my heart rate just 2 nights before.  Fascinating stuff, I have to tell you :).

Footnote - I tried to follow this for my outdoor run on Sunday.  It was supposed to be 2 hrs at moderate.  I just couldn't!  I was near walking and I really wanted to see how far I could run, plus I NEVER get outside. After 30 minutes, I said screw it :), and picked up the pace. Then when I hit 2 hours, I was already over 10 miles. So I thought, why not do 3 more :). 13.1 for the first time ever 2 hrs 32min.  Average HR was 159, so more like 85%.  Excuse the time on the screen shot - mist on screen kept restarting the clock LOL.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Really?!

Still cleaning powder up!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


After living in the south for almost 10 years, you would think I wasn't all that thrilled with snow.  Honestly, I don't mind it.  Snow isn't a big deal in a place where they know what to do with it.  Goodness forbid snow hit the ATL.  Stop the world and stock up on bread and beer water.  Here, you can likely get out within hours, unless it is a blizzard.  The only time I truly have minded snow was when it was April and it just kept coming. 

Of course, I am pretty certain that is more because our seasons have shifted.  Big snowfalls used to come in December and January when we were little, but now they are more like February or March.  Seriously, doesn't anyone else see this?  Summer heat is coming on later, fall is all the way into November now.  Maybe it is me from living in a place without a true 4 seasons for too long.  LOL

Anyway, one of the greatest things about snow is that we (the adults) get to act like kids again and go play.  So once Daddy took on the task of clearing the drive with the snow blower, we tossed everyone out in the snow.  As a side note on this, my snow pants no longer fit, in a good way!  Thank goodness they had velcro adjustable sides or my tail would have been a little on the cold side.  This was Mini-Me's first foray into the frozen world.  While she seemed to like it ok, she didn't care if we stayed out too long.  The K-Man on the other hand would stay until fingers were near frozen.  The mention of hot chocolate tends to lure him back indoors though :).

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Star Wars Christmas

The K-Man is obsessed to put it mildly.  We are completely immersed in Legos these days.  It started out with Lego Ninjago because the geniuses with Lego have a tv show about this series of toys.  While we didn't mind Ninjago, he has since graduated to Lego Star Wars.  To be honest, it isn't awful since the Mister and I are big fans of Star Wars ourselves. 

But when I say obsessed, I don't think you can even comprehend where this has gone.  When we first even allowed small Legos in our home (not Duplo), we said small sets only.  The thing is, this kid has our genes.  He is WAY too good at the small sets.  He can sit and build a 200 piece set by himself in no time.  Santa apparently decided he had been good enough and he got the mother of all sets this Christmas - Palpantine's Arrest (yep! just like from the movie).  It has launching pieces, a break away window, and like 6 minifigures.  If you aren't up on Legos, it is ALL about the minifigs.  This sucker had 649 pieces, and it was built by the end of Christmas day.  I did have to help some on it, since it was a little more involved, but seriously, the kid is good!

Aside from Lego sets, he didn't get a single thing that didn't revolve around Star Wars - socks, pajamas, luggage, toothbrushes, candy canes - you name it!  Did you even know that there was that much Star Wars stuff out there?  I am telling you Lego and Star Wars people are absolutely BRILLIANT!  They are creating a whole new realm of fans before they are even old enough to watch the movies.  And now with a new movie in the works... just incredibly smart.

This video will give you a small glimpse inside our Lego world.  He does these based on You Tube videos he watches by other people.  His personal favorite is The Brick Queen.  He really just can't understand why that can't be his title, that is how enamoured he is with her!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Boundaries with Children

You were probably thinking that I was going to talk about setting boundaries for my kids, but NOPE!  I am going to discuss adults setting boundaries on where they take their children.  I am not super funny about this stuff, exactly.  I just think that there are times that children aren't welcome regardless of age.  Why am I bringing this up?  Because over the holidays, my husband and I had the pleasure of attending various events where we were surprised to see very small children.

There are the obvious places, like invitations with NO KIDS listed.  But apparently other places need guidelines as well.  It makes me think of Sweet Home Alabama when Reese Witherspoon says,"Look at you… you have a baby… in a bar."

One was a formal Christmas party.  The event was held in a big hall - think prom.  Some of the women even wear gowns, though the men stick with suits and ties.  The invite doesn't specifically say no kids, but I am certain that the planners didn't think it had to.  Part way through the evening, in walks a couple with their very obviously, new baby.  Babies at this age - 4-6 weeks, max - don't usually cause too much ruckus wherever they are.  Nonetheless, I just found it wrong, rude, odd.  Most people there have kids, but we all found sitters or maybe they are old enough to stay alone.  Perhaps, I am too harsh you say.  What if they don't have family nearby to help out, you say... Pish Posh.  Neither do I, but you have to compromise sometimes.  Now that you have a child, you better start lining up sitters if you want to get out of the house (, just saying!).  Or one of the adults misses the party, or both.  It won't be the last one, and since you work there... you are pretty much guaranteed the invite.

That one honestly wasn't near as bad as the next example.  Hubs and I went to see The Hobbit one very snowy afternoon.  We were lucky to arrange for a sitter so that we could run out for a few hours of adult time.  EXCEPT - someone brought a B-A-B-Y into the theater.  Throughout the entire first 30 minutes, the baby cried.  Yep - cried, until FINALLY, one of the brilliant parental figures decided to take the baby outside of the movie.  I seriously wanted to throttle someone.  Do you know how much a movie and a sitter cost?  Yes, I do, but obviously, they did not!  It was so distracting!  And it wasn't just us either.  With each whimper, you could see the heads swivel toward the noise.  After the brief hiatus, the culprit was brought back in, I assume sleeping.  But dark theater and loud noises do not make for the best setting to sleep.  It wasn't long until the little one was at it again.  It was the equivalent of a cell phone ringing throughout the movie, and the theaters make a HUGE deal about that.  Guess no one thought to say, don't take a baby to a movie. 

Now, I can't say the thought hasn't crossed my mind.  Both of my children were/are excellent nappers.  However, I would have been MORTIFIED if they were noisy and I had to walk out with them.  It just wasn't the right movie or venue.  And yes, I get that you want to see it.  And I get that you couldn't find a sitter.  But guess what, then you just don't get to go.  Sorry!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Workout Schedule

December's training went pretty well.   I kept up with the squat and plank challenge until the 17th, then all heck broke loose, or as I call it, the husband was home for 2 weeks.  Otherwise, though, I did keep up with the runs and an occasional set of squats and planks.
I got some great running essentials for Christmas - heart monitor, iphone to pair it to, a bluetooth headset, etc.  I just started the heart rate training for real, pretty much on Monday.  That, I will save for another post.  A friend also started a challenge to complete 31 pushups, 31 situps, and 13 tricep dips per day throughout the month of January.  I was doing well, until Monday when I forgot.  So I had to double back up yesterday.  On track for now!
90m run MOD
9.107 miles
60m run LT
5.556 miles
Boot Camp 2hrs
(Cross Training) 
1h45m run MOD
8.5 miles
47m run Mod
Sprint 10x1m mod
90s rest
4 miles
65m run LT

5 miles

Cross train

Can You 24?
75m run Mod
2h run MOD
40m run Mod sprint
10x30s hard
90s rest
60m run LT
Cross train
75m run Mod
90m run MOD 
30m run LT 
40m run LT
Cross train
60m run LT
2h run MOD
40m run Mod sprint
4x30s hard
90s rest
70m run LT
Cross train