Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oh Jillian...

I haven't written a fitness update in a while.  And you might be surprised to know that isn't because I am not being active.  Actually, it is just the opposite.  I have been so busy maintaining my exercise regimen along with my normal life that I haven't had much time to sit and think about it.

In late September, I got involved in an online fitness group, Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp.  It was started by these wonderful ladies over at Fitness Unscripted.  The soul of the group came from a blogger Mama Laughlin who documented her weight loss journey in great honesty. And continues to inspire many in her continuing fitness endeavor.  The group hosts challenges monthly, support for goals, ideas and research to help you make better choices and get healthy.  It is no secret that this Mama likes a good challenge.  So far, I have participated in the Holiday Team Challenge which ends today.  I also signed up for a Piles on the Miles challenge, where I exceeded my 75 miles pledged and actually ran 102 in the month of November.  Now I am onto a plank and squat challenge and have joined the group that is training for a 1/2 marathon.  Whew!  In all that time, I have lost a little over 17 lbs!  Holy crap!

One of my reasons for posting this today is because, MLFC has planned a retreat this summer in Dallas.  They would love to have some speakers, and top on the list is Jillian Michaels.  Why?  Well, she has been the inspiration of challenges that I sadly missed before I joined.  Can anyone say 30 Day Shred and not wince a little :)?  Jen over at Fitness Unscripted has written a plea/petition if you will and we could use the comments to help coax Jillian that a group of 7000 women would really like to hear what she has to say.  Please take a pop on over and take a look, make a comment and help the ladies get their wish!  Just click on the icon to the right ------------------------------>>


  1. Hi Susan! Well put! I can't thank you enough for helping the cause. I am also so proud to read you are down 17 lbs. Fabulous! ~ Jen J.

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  3. That is awesome Susan!!! You inspire me!!!


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