Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hermie Gets New Digs

Exhibit A
We bought the K-Man a hermit crab this summer while at the beach.  Actually, truth be told, we bought 2, but the other didn't make it past 1 month.  Great parents, huh?  According to K, it was his dad's anyway :).  I didn't ever think that hermie number 2 would last.  I had done some research after first bringing him home.  It turns out that hermit crabs are pretty social and playful.  Who knew?  And here, we have him in this tiny cage (see exhibit A) with little room to move, no climbing space and now no friend.

Flash forward 4 months, and hermie is still kicking.  So for Christmas, this mama bought him some new digs.  The new place has climbing walls, a real food and water dish, 2 sponges and 2 fake trees.  K-Man really would like to buy him a little house where he could hide.  Maybe Santa was listening and can bring that.  Watch him kick the shell next week!
He is in the lower right, back corner :)


  1. What if he being in that corner causes all the weight to go to that side and it falls off the shelf! Yikes. =)

  2. LOL... I didn't even realize. I will be resituating that in the AM!


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