Monday, November 26, 2012

The Almost Endless Movie Previews

The Mister and I are big believers in Date Night.  We try to go about every other week.  In the summer, we would do an early show around 4:00PM or so, then dinner.  That allowed a sitter to feed the kids and get them to bed, but also not be out too late if they had plans for the evening - for those whose evenings still start at 10PM :).  Our current sitter though is in High School still, so we had to adjust the show time until evening.  As it turns out, this is a bit better on the pocket book!  Tonight was more like 4 hours versus 6 with an earlier show, and only a quick bite/drink after the movie made for less expense as well.

Really, what I wanted to talk about is being at the movies.  We love to go.  I personally would see anything, but the Mister is partial to something with action, something that makes the theater experience worth the expense.   There is a brand new Regal Cinemas near us that is sweet - comfy, reclining seats with RPX or super sound.  And at $15 a ticket, I have to agree, the movie better be good.  Unfortunately, the new Bond movie wasn't being shown in this theater, so we decided to pick one with a better time for us.  I bought the tickets through Fandango, and thank goodness!  When we got there, it was sold out and we ended up with seats in the 2nd row.  I don't think I have ever sat that close before!  Anyway, the movie was fabulous.  Who wouldn't like watching Daniel Craig :)?  My issue is with the seemingly neverending previews!

The movie time was 7:10PM.  We got into our seats maybe 5 minutes early.  Commercials are running - not previews, commercials for TV shows and product!   Then finally at 7:10PM, they being the "previews".   I am not even joking when I say that this went on for 25 minutes!!  I enjoy previews as a general rule, but that is a minimum of $5 of babysitting time that I could have saved or spent afterward on a drink.  They don't make an extra penny off our being there then, so I just don't get it.  Seriously, does adding 15 minutes to previews get them an extra soda bought?  For goodness sake, the Medium is already what, 40 ounces?  The only reason I am sitting here awake right now is because I probably drank 1/2 of mine - hello caffeine! 

K-Man saw his 1st theater movie last summer when Cars 2 came out.  He enjoyed it, but was very restless for the last 15-25 minutes.  To this day, I blame that on the previews.  They wasted his attention span.  I don't know who makes the decision on what or how long to run the trailers, but the logic needs reworked.  As much as I enjoy seeing upcoming movies, I think we may start going a little later after the posted "start time".  At minimum, if taking the kids, we will hang out in the lobby, while the other adult scopes the previews.  They can text us when the real stuff is starting.  Of course that isn't to say I am not planning our next movie outing - The Hobbit is calling me!

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