Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful challenge Part 2 - Quiet Time

Since the K-Man was born, the Mister and I have always had a little deal on the weekend.  We each take one morning to get up with the kids while the other sleeps a little later.  The logic is that we both work 5 days of the week ( me being home with the kids), so this gives each of us one day off.  For the most part it has worked quite well.

And as I lay in my bed on this fine Sunday morning, this is exactly why I am thankful.  I awoke to the sounds of my children's voices, but they were in the next room asking for Daddio.  It isn't that I don't want them to ask for me, but it sure it nice to have him taking the reins.  Mini-Me is going through a Mommy only phase, so it is also a bonus for the Mister to have her undivided attention without me pulling that away.  The K-Man likes to address people by their name with every statement, and for some reason "Daddio this," and "Daddio that" sounds much sweeter on my day off.

I am thankful for the quiet in my room, even with the din coming from the next room.  (Sorry, love the word din... Not used nearly enough in my opinion!).  I can take these moments for myself and well, write this!  No one is pulling on my arm, asking for the iPad, the xBox, breakfast, etc.  In other words, I can actually think.

I am thankful that I have an attached bath to my bedroom, so I can also maybe sneak in a bath ALONE.  Ha!  Mini-Me L-O-V-E-S bath time, but so do I.  Which leads me to being thankful for the TV that we had installed over my garden soaking tub because not only do I get a bath alone, but also to watch something other than Disney Jr.

Finally, I am thankful that even though I could have slept all this time, it isn't even 9AM.  I still have the whole day ahead with the 3 loves of my life.  Have a beautiful day all!

PS.  25.875 miles out of 75 done for Pile on the Miles!  And stay tuned for a giveaway, starting TOMORROW!!!


  1. I love that you use the same love names for family members that I do (The mister, and mini me)!!!! Way to go on the miles I'm starting that too (next week) because of you!!!

    1. How funny, Toya! I hadn't even thought of it when reading your posts!

  2. we do the same thing in our house with getting up early on the weekends. That one day for the both of us really rejuvenates us. Mommy time is essential to good health.


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