Monday, November 5, 2012

Meals in Retrospect

I didn't get around to planning meals yet this week.  I think they will be simple as the week is shaping up to be VERY busy.  However, we had a great meal last week that I want to share. 

While shopping in Aldi's recently, a woman next to me was commenting on the butternut squash - what a great price and how nice they looked.  I know ZIP about butternut squash, but she made it sound appealing for $1.49, so I bought one.  Then I looked at it on the counter for about 4-5 days.  Finally, I decided to try a Roasted Butternut & Shallot Soup recipe I found from Cooking Light.  I think a co-blogger actually had it posted, and I apologize for not noting who!  It was pretty simple aside from the fact that I never have shallots.  I did, however, have onion, so I improvised.  Really, the only ingredients were the squash, shallots/onions, olive oil, broth and seasonings.  That was it!

Once I peeled the squash and got the whole thing cubed, I realized I was going to have enough for 2 batches of the soup.  Since the Mister was on a business dinner, there was no reason to cook it all that night. Half the diced pieces went to the fridge and 1/2 to roasting in the oven.  I put the kiddos to bed and had myself quite the little meal!  But it was missing something... then I remembered!  When we were in Pittsburgh last, the Mister and I enjoyed a meal at our favorite restaurant, Monterey Bay Fish Grotto.  We had split a squash and CRAB soup.  Aha!

Guess what we had for dinner on Saturday?  If you think you want to try it, the only added step is to add 8 oz of lump crab to the soup and cook over medium until crab is heated through, maybe about 5 minutes.  Delicious!  And I still have a bowl left for my lunch today...

PS - 20.374 miles in already today my 75 miles in November!!


  1. WTG on the miles! I have never cooked that kind of squash either, sounds pretty easy though.

  2. another easy recipe for butternut squash: cut lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Mix butter and brown sugar in a bowl. Pour into squash and bake for about 15-20 minutes.

  3. Woohoo on the miles girl! You are awesome!!

    From a fellow not so hefty ho ho :)


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