Friday, November 9, 2012

Is It Really Only 46 Days - Giveaway!

Seriously, how did it get to be a little over 1 1/2 months until Christmas?!!  This time last year, I had this teeny baby who was just starting to smile and giggle, my niece was just turning one, and my son was still in Super Hero World.

Fast forward to this year, and we are immersed knee deep in Star Wars/Lego land!  OMG!  You can not imagine the obsession this boy has with EVERYTHING Legos and Star Wars.  I had heard that Star Wars might take over, but I just didn't expect it this early!  The Mini-Me actually thinks the Lego Star Wars stuff is pretty cool too... to chew on.  So unfortunately, we had to build a Lego Fortress in our living room to protect the goods from her.  I can't even take a picture that does it justice!  This is a 6x6 walled space in the center of my home.  Can you say spoiled?

Anyway, what I find myself doing these days is sorting through the toys and weeding out the items that are no longer getting the love.  The K-Man has deemed some toys untouchables despite the lack of attention they receive.  I am okay with that though.  He is still willing to give others up to other children who do not have any, and for that, I am very proud!  Mini-Me doesn't have a lot of choice in the matter, but she will get her day LOL.  For now, I have decided to retire the everpopular Leap Frog Table, along with a few other goodies that she has long since abandoned.  Kitties and tea cups seem to have taken over.
Animal Rescue Shape-Sorting Truck Wooden Toy
Now for creating a wish list for the kiddos.  K-Man is easy.  If it isn't Legos or Star Wars, don't bother.  Mini-Me is tricky though!  We already have a lot of stuff.  She has a play kitchen, Duplos, Little People and lots of puzzles.  She would likely be content if I took any of that and wrapped it up.  So I have been perusing the Melissa & Doug Terrific Twenty list.  The one thing that keeps jumping out at me is the Animal Rescue Shape Sorting Truck.  Yes, we have a shape sorter, Melissa & Doug actually.  But it is simply shapes.  I like this one because it is animals and a truck and on a little deeper level - a lesson about something else, animal rescue.  She doesn't get that, but I do.  Here is the good news!  When I told them how much we liked it, they offered it to me, as a giveaway to YOU, one of my readers!   

Simply follow the instructions on the RaffleCopter below and gain your entries.  The giveaway will close next Friday, November 16th at 12 Midnight.  Melissa and Doug will send the prize directly to the winner in plenty of time for wrapping and placing under the tree.  Don't forget to share with your friends and also try for the daily giveaway on Melissa & Doug's Facebook page.   a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. You're lucky that yours is willing to. Mine becomes suddenly attached to that untouched all year toy at the mention of it going away. So I told her that Santa sent me an email this year.

    This 'email' told me that he wants all of the boys and girls to put a bag of old toys by their front door 3 days before Christmas. He will send his elves out to pick them up so that they can fix them and give them out to new boys and girls. Now she's excited about

  2. I love how durable melissa and doug products have been for my family. I can always count on the good quality of toys that they make. Although the other day we got a new train set from M&D and the train doesn't fit under the bridge. I will be writing to complain just a little.

    1. Uh oh! That stinks, but I am sure they will make things right!

  3. We love Melissa and Doug products at our house!

  4. LOVE Melissa & Doug! Especially the fact that they are wooden!

  5. I have loved Melissa & Doug products since my 3 year old daughter was first born. They remind me of classic toys and are so well thought out and fun!

  6. I love the durability of the Melissa and Doug toys..:)

  7. I have never had any of these toys as my son is a little too old for them, but I know my Nephew would LOVE it!!

  8. Love the fact they are powered by imagination! No blinkies or beeps....

  9. I love their products! They are so durable!!!! :) And I totally hear you about the kids "parting" with their toys!


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