Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Enough Already

***Disclaimer - remember when I said Susan Today was all about what is on my mind today and it may include rants.  Well, today is one of those days.

Way back in high school (and yes, that is WAY back for me), a close friend and I decided that there were a couple things we would not discuss - religion, politics and abortion.  And guess what, I am not going to start talking about those with you either.  You know why?  Because I am an intelligent, educated woman.  I assume since you are reading my blog that you are as well :).  I base my decisions on those 3 issues, along with every thing else in my life on facts and research of my own.  You are not going to change my mind with a quote from the news, a newspaper, a post on Facebook or the internet, or your opinion.  I can only assume, my own arguments for my beliefs will not change your mind either.

So ENOUGH ALREADY!  The election has ended.  Please for the love of anything good in the world, STOP posting negative things on politics.  If you really feel that the person who was duly elected by a process that has been in place for quite some time is the wrong one, fine... believe that.  I am not asking you not to.  But at this stage in the game, folks, it is over.  The only thing to do is move F-O-R-W-A-R-D.  If you truly feel that strongly that things are wrong, find a group out there that can actually make a change or work toward the changes that you think need to happen.  Complaining on social media is most likely not going to help. 

OK, I think I am done.  Carry on with your normal programming :o).


  1. AAAMMMEEEENNNN!!!! I am so with you. at the end of the day the President has been chosen so all the negativity is for nothing. Lets move on!!! I have been saying that same thing...

  2. I was just thinking this exact thing this morning. I wanted to post something like,"Regardless of who you voted on your ballot, know that half or more than half of the people in the nation voted for someone else. Get over it." Thanks for giving me an outlet to rant here too. =)

  3. I would like to propose that anyone who wants to sucede from the union should- it's called Canada. Go there.


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