Monday, October 15, 2012

Workout Menu

I thought I might try something new with my workouts.  I have tried very hard to like Jillian Michaels.  But Friday was my last foray into her world, I am afraid.  I attempted her Yoga Meltdown.  While the exercises were par for what I like in yoga, I have decided it is her that I JUST DON'T LIKE.  That stinks for me because the results from the 30 Day Shred were great.

A few friends have recommended other instructors, which I still may try.  However, this week, I am going to attempt a crossfit workout of my own choosing.  Thanks to a couple great sites provided from a running mate, I have a list of things I can try that incorporate the running too.  I have chosen my exercises for the week, mixing them up a bit, just like I do with our weekly dinner menu.  I figure that if the exercises don't take a full 30 minutes, I will just run more at the end.  I will plan one day off on the weekend and one to run the entire 30 minutes, as well.  Wish me luck!

Run 800 M (1/2 mile) - 50 Push-Ups - 3 Rounds
Run 400 Meters - 50 Squats - 4 Rounds
30 Walking Lunges - 20 Push-Ups - 400 M Run - 30 Box Jumps - 20 Dips - 400 M Run
50 sit-ups - 400 M run or sprint or walk - 3 Rounds
Run 400 Meters - 50 Squats - 4 Rounds

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  1. Did you really do 150 push-ups on Monday!?! I can only do about 10 push-ups, and that's girl style!


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