Monday, October 29, 2012

To Prepare or Not Prepare

We are on the Eve of Halloween Frankenstorm, and the East Coast is in a frenzy, including upstate, inland New York.  It isn't that I don't want to be prepared, but I am torn on just how much really can be done.  I mean, it is a storm.  I have lived through storms.  I was IN a hurricane while in St. Maarten some 13 years ago.  We had zero provisions, were staying in a condo with no power and no water.  Thank goodness for alcohol!  (Oh, come on, you know you checked the liquor cabinet first when the news came out to prepare for Sandy!)   I have also literally laid down in a field as a tornado passed through in case it decided to take anything in its path.  Surely, I have the basics for surviving in my own home.  Right?
Hurrican Lenny (in the eye) 1999 - Dang, we were young!
Now that isn't to say we have done nothing.  I did take most everything off the deck and flip the glass patio table upside down, so that it doesn't become a wind sail.  I decided that our decorative scarecrow out front would better decorate the garage than blow piece by piece through the neighborhood.  That is really just to not provide additional projectiles to the air for all my neighbors though.  Sweet of me, huh?

Hurricane Lenny Aftermath
I guess the biggest concern is what will we do if there is no power and no water.  No power for sure would be the most concerning, as we have the Mini-Me and her whole milk addiction.  Brat - LOL.  As for cooking though, I actually have a gas oven/stove.  And if it isn't raining, I have the gas grill too.  By all rights, cooking shouldn't be an issue unless the gas lines are compromised.  The kids would be content on turkey dogs and chicken tenders anyway.  Both of which are technically fully cooked and could be eaten as is.  Thankfully they are fruit/veggie kids too - bananas, pears, clementines and carrots will have to tide them over.  I think the kids will survive.  The Mister and I might only have beer and wine to drink, since we will generously give the kids the few bottles of water if needed :).

I did go shopping, but for my normal things.  No, I did not go nuts and buy out the bread and water aisle.  I already have plenty of bread in the freezer for one thing, and we likely have enough water to tide us over.  If we felt it was really going to a place of no water, I have an obnoxious amount of liquid containers that we can start filling too.  I will admit to buying 1 gallon of water for the cats.  I figured I should be nice to them, as I house them too!  And really, we might get stingy with our water if things last longer than expected.

Water will be the crappiest (literally) of situations - but what can you do?  We have 4 bathrooms, so if the water goes, I think we will start by using those farthest from the main living area.  At least if it is going to be a stinky (sorry can't help myself!) situation, we can keep it at a distance.

Maybe I am being too blase' (not sure how to make an accent mark, my apologies) on this.  Hopefully, it will very literally all blow right over and life can go on... until the next storm.


  1. I hope you are all doing ok after the storm. And hope your cats have enough water ;)

    1. We really had nothing here. It is sort of an eerie calm this morning. High is 65, but winds are still a bit gusty. The cats are safe until a blizzard :)


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