Monday, October 22, 2012

Let's Look in the Fridge

When we moved to NY, we had to get a new fridge.  Unfortunately, the only stainless-ish one from GE with the water dispenser on the outside was a side-by-side.  Yes, we had to buy GE.  We get too good a discount to pass it up.  Anyway, I have NEVER liked it.  I feel like it is forever overcrowded.  It was brought to my attention that it is "messy" again today, so let's evaluate what is in it and why.

Top shelf - fresh milk from the dairy delivered yesterday.  We get 4 bottles every Friday, so that pretty much overwhelms the top shelf until you use some up.  We have to have 1% for the K-man and adults and whole milk for the Mini-Me.

2nd shelf - This is the most eye-level shelf, and tends to be the most frequently used/transient items.  Today, it is loaded with the following: 

3 2 types of salsa (throw out partial)
a container with 1 mozzarella ball (really?)
2 hummus
kosher dill midgets
6 greek yogurt
1 bottle of water (enough on door)
1bottle of beer (hello beer fridge in garage)
coffee creamer
pizza sauce
sour cream
can of pineapples (doesn't need to be there)
leftover chili from 2 weeks ago (ick)
cottage cheese
leftover coconut milk (not sure how long this lasts)
3rd shelf - This shelf is for things that Kyle can reach.  Right now it is housing:
2 lunchables way in the back
a bowl of clementines
salsa chicken
turkey dogs (need to be flash frozen and put away)
Small drawer - We use this pretty exclusively for meats and cheeses.
3 bags shredded cheese
deli ham
string cheese
American cheese
unfrozen yogurt sticks
4th shelf - This shelf is awkward with little space.
2 containers of eggs
leftover pizza
english muffins (should fit in bread drawer)
whole wheat bagels way in the back (will replace the near empty drawer ones)
ham (will be in roaster after I type)
Large drawer 1 - Our fruit and vegetable drawer currently holds:
Large drawer 2 - We keep breads in the fridge so they last longer.

2 1 partial packages hot dog buns (no need for both)
hamburger buns
white wheat bread
mini whole wheat bagels
raisin toast
Door - This is where things get ugly.  We have more condiments than most people knew existed.  From the top down, here is the list:
First compartment - butter sticks and spreadable, cream cheese
2nd shelf - Dirty martini mix, kalamata olives, 2 soy, teriakyi, minced garlic, cocktail sauce (rarely used), peppercinis, spicy mustard, horseradish, jerk sauce (rarely used), steak sauce

3rd shelf - 2 salad dressings, mustard, relish, ketchup, tarragon vinegar (but I like it cold!), BBQ sauce, Red Hot
4th shelf - Worchestershire sauce (doesn't need refrigerated, who knew?), dill slices, Mayo, chocolate syrup, spicy relish
5th shelf - 4 3 water bottles (don't need all), lemon juice, green olives
I marked through what I felt could be removed for sure. But I have an internal debate with myself on the door stuff. When you need cocktail sauce, it is there, and it hasn't reached its date. Do you keep or throw out? And yes, it is open. Then there are the things I like cold - tarragon vinegar (for my salads), etc. It doesn't have to be refrigerated, but I prefer it that way. Surprise, there are some things that apparently don't require refrigeration after opening too.

Throught this little analysis, I am making some headway.  Looks a little better now, huh?  I think I might do the pantry next.  Stay tuned :)

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