Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fashion 2012 - or is this 1985?

In roughly 1985, my favorite outfit consisted of a long purple sweater with a huge diamond on the front.  The sweater fit over my butt, from memory to maybe even mid-thigh.  I wore a collared shirt under it, so that the collar showed and a pair of leggings in whatever color was clean and matched.  The shoes were yellow gold ballet slipper flats.  Can someone PLEASE explain why I am all of the sudden able to buy this outfit in its entirety TODAY in 2012?

Back then, it maybe looked okay on me, but to be fair I hadn't exactly developed a womanly body yet.   I honestly am not sure I even had my first bra yet.  After all, I was only 11.  Yes, I am dating myself, for good reason.  While shopping for clothes, this style is everywhere.  It isn't just in the juniors or young girl's where it belongs.  Oh no!  It is right smack in the clothes that are supposed to be my size - Misses.  I hate that name by the way.  I really don't know where my aversion comes from - I just don't like it.  Maybe because I associate Misses with the Alfred Dunner clothes that my paternal grandmother wore.  She is not to be confused with my Gap Grandma, who never shopped in Misses if I remember correctly.  By Gap, I do mean she bought all her clothes in places like the Gap.

I am getting off track though.  The problem with the skinny jeans/leggings look going on in the Misses' Department is that when that is nearly all there is, guess what?  Someone thinks they should buy it!  If you are rail thin without hips or a chest, hey - go for it.  But when you are in a 34G and hips to match from having 2 babies, maybe, just maybe, it is time to say NO.  Actually, let me retract that, I am not entirely sure that even the rail thin should wear this look.  Then they look, well, rail thin!  Could I just please have a decent cut of jean with a slight flare, not a bottom leg opening wide enough to accommodate my 2 children?  Doesn't anyone watch What Not to Wear?  You have to balance hips not put on the skinny jeans!  And the big baggy sweater look is so not appealing on a me.  I have a thin waist, which is lost in all the material.  From chest to hips, I then look all the same width.  Not attractive, let me assure you.

I just want a cute top that I can wear out on a date with the Mister.  I don't want to look like I am trying to be 16 or that I bought from the 70+ section.  Can anyone else relate?

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  1. LOL, did you not like my skinny jeans this morning! LOL they are actually maternity skinny jeans, go figure. I kinda like skinny jeans, but no those stretchy look a likes.


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