Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fantasy Football - not my fantasy!

I resisted the temptation to join a fantasy football league for many years.  Then I caved!  After all, it was The League of Extraordinary Mommies (aka Feb08 Moms) who were getting together.  I liked the idea of being in a league with all women, ones that KNOW football and plan their weekends in the fall around it!  The only thing that could make it better is if we were all more local to one another.

The problem is that my issues about fantasy football still exist no matter how much I like those in my league.  I am a Steelers fan.  Some might call me diehard, that isn't quite strong enough a word though.  The concept of fantasy is that you draft players from whichever team to create your "dream team" that supposedly should win it all.  You get points based on them as individuals.  Except A.  I wouldn't really want these players on my team even if they were free agents.  I still would want the guys that play for my Steelers.  (Yes, i said my, I  told you I am fanatic right?).  I don't like these players, and I don't want to watch them or root for them, particularly if they are playing the Steelers.  And B.  They divide my attention from the only game I care about, and surely that karma could affect the Steelers...  Ok, yes, that part is crazy, but not any different really then thinking that a certain seat in your house affects their outcome.  I mean, I don't go that far, unless they are losing ;0).

As a result. I am really not very good at this game of fantasy football.  It isn't that I draft all the Steelers' players because other people think they are worthy of their teams too.  I just don't care enough, and I have a good team!  For goodness sake, I have Brady and RGIII as my quarterbacks.  Who else has to decide between two 30 point players each week as the starter?  Despite that, I am only 1 and 3 on the season it 3rd in most points scored.  My competitors have just scored that much more.  At not even halfway through the season, I already feelings enthusiasm flagging.  I am afraid this just might be my last season.  I need to focus my attention where it should be - on my children, the Steelers.  Now where is my lucky Terrible Towel?

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