Thursday, October 4, 2012

Doctors Appts & Kids

The other night, I couldn't sleep.  That isn't particularly normal for me because the kids wear-me-out.  While I laid there though, I started thinking that I haven't had my yearly exam at the yuck doctor, a mammogram, a physical with my family doctor and maybe I should really consider a skin scan with a dermatologist.  Not exactly light thoughts at this time of night.  The problem with all of these appointments is that they require various stages of undressed time.  Realistically, my children see me like this all the time, but being poked or prodded by the doctor might not sit well with them.  Mini-Me didn't even like when the hairdresser laid my chair back to wash my hair!  My husband is more than accommodating when I have things like this, but we are talking 4 appointments, most likely longer visits as well.  Scheduling them at a time that he can manage the kids around conference calls becomes the new challenge. 

When we first moved to NY, there was this place called Maui Playcare.  It was basically a drop-off daycare service.  I think it was $8 an hour for the first child, and they had to be 18 months or 2 years.  I can't completely remember because sadly, it has since closed.  However, it was FABULOUS for the few times I needed it.  It was completely secure, had all sorts of activity areas and the kids got socialization while you did whatever you had to do.  I don't even think the kids had to be potty trained to use their services.  I can't figure out what their downfall was.  The location was decent, though I don't think many people knew it was there, or what it was.  The only thing I can figure is marketing.  They really needed to partner with all the hair salons, spas, dentists and doctors in the area.  Those are the places you can't take the kids, or maybe just don't want to.    Sigh, how I miss that place! 

I have 2 options left now.  My regular sitter is in high school, so she can't help in the day.  I either forgo my health check-ups, which isn't really an option with breast cancer and melanoma in the family history.  For that matter, it shouldn't be an option regardless of health history!  I know lots of us do it, but moms still need to take care of themselves or they won't be able to take care of the kiddos!!  That leaves the darling Mister to stay home for 3-4 mornings while I take care of my business.  Well, at least I could do it on a day that the K-Man is at school, then he only has Mini-Me to tend to, but I am sure there will have to be some AHEM... trade-offs :P.  Guess I am off to make some phone calls.  Don't forget to make yours too!

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