Friday, October 5, 2012

Crafty Day 2

Has anyone guessed yet that the Mister is out of town on business?  Really, how else could I ever get these things done?  Don't get me wrong, he supports craftiness and all, but my evenings are devoted to couple time when he is home.  Right now, they are devoted to bad chick movies, fun, self-serving projects and the occasional glass (or 2) of wine.

After building my burlap jewelry organizer, I realized I still needed to do something with my bracelets and rings.  I have a TON of bracelets though and admit to a slight obsession. I went to my trusty Google Images again and found The DIY List 's version using beer bottles. It was originally from another site Decoratrix, but I can't locate it directly there being that the site is in Spanish. Not for a lack of trying though! I did search the Spanish word for bracelet (pulsera) to no avail. Back to the VERY simple solution of using a clean beer bottle to house your bracelets.  Beer bottles are always aplenty here thanks to NY State's 5 cent deposit.  We have to get our money back!   This project was done in no time!  Pick which bottles you like best, remove labels if you want, rinse and dry, add bracelets.  All and all, a very productive 30 minutes.

My Google friend also helped me come up with my final jewelry project, at least for now.  Thanks SO much to the I Am Never Naked blogger!  I LOVED your idea of using a bobbin rack, which by the way I didn't even know existed!  As an FYI, it is simply as it sounds, a rack for holding sewing bobbins.  There are 2 inner posts that are now covered in ribbon that actually fold out to allow it to stand.  Finding the little rack was more challenging than the rest of the project, but I did it.  In case you have a crazy amount of rings, they also make really big bobbin racks.  JoAnn Fabrics had the biggest selection of these, and thankfully I was able to verify the availability at my local store online and I had coupons :).  While I was there, I also picked up the cute 5x7 frame for just $3.00 with the other coupon.  I used a few different techniques than recommended again.  I chose spraypainting of the rack, for one.  There are lots of little grooves on this thing, plus getting the entire peg covered.  I also opted for wood glue versus hot glue, but I have a "carpenter" in my house.  We have all that stuff already!  And finally, I added a little of the ribbon used on my other project to the centers of the rack, just because.  I think this is by far my favorite jewelry organizing piece.  I will have a big reveal of all the pieces together on the next Wordless Wednesday :).

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