Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Week in the Life of a SAHM

OK, at least a week in the life of me, as a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM).  I am told that I am atypical in the sense of the term.  And that very well may be.  By nature (and perhaps a little training), I am a planner.  I do not see how things can get done without plans.  That is not to say that we don't switch things up now and then.  Realistically with children, you have to be ready for anything.  But as a general rule, I plan, and my weeks flow.

K-Man has 2 standard activities.  On MWF, he attends preschool in the mornings, and on MW, he has Tae Kwon Do (TKD) in the evenings.  Mini-Me has 2 activities as well - story hour on W mornings and naptime at 12Noon every day.  Pretty much everything has to float around these, and that includes grocery shopping, laundry, my exercise, kids' doctors appointments, haircuts, my own doctor appointments, etc.  I also like to do something fun with the kids on one day, so it isn't forever errand running with them.  That usually happens on Tuesday or Thursday.  I am always on the hunt new and dun experiences for the them - apple picking, pumpkin farm, museums, parks, etc.

As a result, here's what a typical week looks like:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
7:00 Wakeup --> --> --> --> --> Wakeup
8:00 Breakfast --> --> --> --> --> Breakfast
9:00 Family Time K-Man School Laundry K-Man School K-Man School Family Time
10:00 x Grocery Shop Mini-Me Story Hr x
11:00 Lunch --> --> --> --> --> Lunch
12:00 Mini-Me Nap --> --> --> --> --> Mini-Me Nap
1:00 Football Susan - Exercise --> --> --> Susan - Exercise  
2:00 Football Laundry Cleaning  
3:00 Football  
4:00 Football  
5:00 Football TKD Dinner TKD Dinner Dinner Dinner
6:00 Mini-Me Bed --> --> --> --> --> Mini-Me Bed
7:00 K-Man Bed --> --> --> --> --> K-Man Bed
8:00 Adult time --> Mister-curling --> --> --> Adult time
    Susan - run        

You will notice some spaces that are blank.  Obviously, those are the times I am sitting around eating bon-bons, right?  HA!  Usually it is the afternoon that I leave open.  By the time Mini-Me is awake from nap, it is tough to do much before I need to start preparing dinner.  We fill the time by playing in the playroom or outside if it is nice enough, etc.  This is also when I get things picked up around the house that were displaced in the course of the day.  I tend to make Tuesday my laundry day since Monday and Wednesday are so busy, and I hate making the kids run out for 3 days straight.

The Mister and I have an agreement that weekends are family time - for the most part.  We are big believers in being able to do things outside of that, so sometimes he might take a fishing trip or maybe I head to NYC to see friends.  Normally though it is reserved for working on the house, trips out with the kids, or just general playtime with the kids.  We also are pretty strict about bedtime because, well, where else would we have Adult Time?  He leaves for work at 7am, and isn't home until dinner.  We do need some time to connect with each other, which of course leads to date night.  Again it is not on here, but we do try to swing one about every 2 weeks.  Speaking of which, I think I need to schedule the sitter!

This "basic" schedule doesn't account for me running a race, attending an exercise class, Bunco night or the Mister having a business dinners or an evening out or even the kids having a playdate or birthday party.  Throw visitors into this mix and things really get nuts!  Depending on what days of the week it involves, groceries, laundry, and the other "movables" need to be moved to accommodate.  No guest wants to see or smell a pile of laundry after all.  And odds are they will also need to be fed, so groceries are a must. LOL  The workout may sadly also have to be put on hold - GASP!

In other words, this "stay-at-home-mom" does very little of staying home actually.  We are just as busy as other moms, only our place of work is also our place of play.  Sometimes things get a bit messy.  Am I really as "atypical" as "they" say :)?  What do your days look like?

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  1. Sounds like you've a full plate! Working around kids is always fun. H was in gymnastics for a while (before she lost interest) and it was nuts. She's not involved in anything now but shes starting to talk about dance.

    I work full time so it's always wake up, get us both ready and out the door, drop her off, get to work, pick her up, get home, cook dinner, clean, snuggle time, H bathtime, snuggle time, H bedtime, fight to get her to actually go to sleep, exercise, homework, non cartoon tv (if it's not 12-2 AM), then bed. Everything else waits for the weekend.

    I tend to try to designate either Sat. or Sun. to just hanging out with her and try to get everything else done on the other day.


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