Friday, September 28, 2012

Getting Crafty!

I have one of those jewelry armoires.  It stands about 3 feet tall and has space for rings, bracelets, necklaces and everything in between.  In theory, the armoire is great!  It holds a TON of jewelry.  However, it has two inherent flaws.  The first is that no matter how many spots there are for things, you still end up digging to find that one piece you are seeking.  Or for that matter, forgetting you even had something because you never see it.  This is particularly true of earrings as the only organization spot for them is little bins.  The second flaw is that the unit is precisely the right height for a young toddler to reach and explore at their whim.  If you are a good baby-proofer, that is not an issue.  You already have it anchored to the wall.  Ahem... yep, she is the second child, she'll learn.  Actually, she hasn't pulled it over, yet.  But I do have a friend (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) whose child did just that! 

Moral of the story is that I needed a new solution.  One that wouldn't maim my child or hide my stuff.  I went on a search - internet of course.  I know lots of people are into Pinterest, but I can't seem to make it work for me.  I use good old Google, just type in jewelry holder DIY and all sorts of stuff pops up.  My new favorite way to use Google is through the "Images for" area.  It provides a carousel of pictures that are supposedly related to my search.  Then if you see something you like, it gives you the link to investigate further.  I found a great post using cork, foam board and a frame on the Beehive and Birdsnest blog.  The mission began and was completed in less than 24 hours, thanks to the patience of my children.  I made a few modifications - used burlap instead of cork and drawer pulls instead of push pins.  My post earrings are up top, then the wire back and lever back ones are hanging on drawer pulls, and lighterweight wire ones on the ribbon through the middle.  Finally, I have necklaces at the bottom on drawer knobs.  I love the outcome!  What do you think?!

Next up, something to hold my rings and bracelets.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ugh! Shoes Again!

Sorry to bring this up, but I find it to be relevant yet again.  One thing about upstate NY that is utterly frustrating is the lack of children's shoe stores!  Yes, I am calling upstate out because I have been to dedicated children's shoe stores in other parts of the country.  We just hit a great one in the Pittsburgh, PA area recently.  Thank you, Sten's Stride for Rite for great service.  I only wish I had had you measure my daughter too!   Mini-Me is walking full time now, and much to my dismay her Pedipeds have suddenly gotten VERY small.  However, the local Stride Rite has closed, along with the next closest store.  GRRR.  Now, if I want to have proper measurement, I have to drive to Albany at $4 a tank of gas, and pay an additional 1% tax (or is it more?).  I don't need to go into it all over though...  sadly I would not change a word of this post from 2 1/2 years ago:
If anyone has a place they love locally, please let me know.  Until then, looks like I am printing the chart from Stride Rite's site and winging it. :(

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Blog Name and Look!

So, I finally did it!  I bought a domain name!  My husband and I have been talking about this for months now - tossing out ideas left and right.  I am not really expecting to become the next blog thing, but hey if I am out there, why not a name other than my generic former family title.  Choosing a name was a lot harder than I was expecting.  And now that you see it, don't you find it somewhat ironic that it was difficult :}.  Susan Today made sense and probably could have ALWAYS been the title.  I always write about what is on my mind that very moment.  Back in the day though, I really just started a blog because we lived so far from family.  It was more them to see pictures quickly, and get updates on the first born.  This was ~ gasp ~ pre-facebook, at least for me.

After navigating all the craziness on GoDaddy, I found that the name was the easy part.  When I started the family blog 5 years ago, there was basically a single format through Blogger.  Maybe 2 years ago, I learned how to add a custom background, and even managed to move my columns.  Blogger has greatly improved since those days!  I got a cute little set up now with custom colors and could even change my fonts.  Woo hoo!

I hope you like the set up so far.  Don't get too attached though.  If I get any more saavy at this, things could change again!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hurdles to Health & Fitness/ AKA Excuses

Do I have excuses hurdles to health and fitness?  Of course!  Who doesn't?!  I would say my biggest is time.  Where can I fit it in?  With time comes, but it will take TIME from my family, who mind you gets ALL of my time as it is.  Really?!  That is the best I can do?  Surely taking 30-45 minutes from my day to escape and do something that is good for me can't be bad for my family.

My initial solution came and went.  I will get up at 6AM! I said.  That happened maybe twice.  I just don't like morning that much.  Plus the kids don't entirely cooperate.  Don't they know that momma needs to get her groove back?  Then I started doing it with them in the playroom too.  That SORT OF worked.  I could do Level 1 of the Shred that way, but it might add a new level of difficulty to the squat thrusts and plank jacks in Level 2.  Workouts have nicely settled into the very start of Rachel's now only 1 nap around 12:15PM.  I try to get ready before I put her down, that way, I can start immediately - just in case the nap fairies aren't good to me that day :).  Over the last few days, I was feeling ambitious and added a 15 minute run at the end.  That felt great!

Back to hurdles though, outside of working out, my healthy eating can take it's toll.  Again, I hate to admit it, but family takes the blame.  It isn't how or what I cook.  I generally cook clean, other than pasta and rice, I buy very little that comes out of a box.  Rather it is remembering to eat.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I forget!  Time gets away from me while playing/running/taking care of the kids.  I feed them breakfast, then maybe we are heading out, and boom I realize no food for me.  By the time you realize it, you need something quick and that is never the best, healthiest choice.  This is where my Advocare Challenge has really straightened me out.  I am following a regimen of eating - not entirely what - as much as when.  Amazingly, when I do, I manage to lose weight too!  Ah, that metabolism is a wonderful thing when you aren't making it think you are starved.

So, how do I get over my hurdles?  I use challenges like these to make me Strong.Fit.Fab.