Thursday, August 30, 2012

What is inspiring you to make a change to be strong .fit. fab?

My family was just on vacation at the beach with 16 other extended family members - 10 of which were children.  My cousin, who is only 1 year younger than me has 4 kids of her own ranging from 2-10.  While on the vacation, she was working out every day using the "Insanity" program.  I had also planned to workout/run, but alas ALL of my clothes were left behind at the house in NY.  Yes, everything, underwear, bathing suits and most importantly my workout clothes and shoes. 

Everyday, she found time to fit this video workout in, and I thought what is my excuse exactly?  I love to workout!  I love the way I feel after a workout!  Even if I can't get in a 3 mile run on the treadmill, do I really have a reason that I can't complete a 20-30 minute video?  Insanity seemed a little intense for my taste long term.  It had 10 DVDs and the workouts ranged from 37-55 minutes.  However, I had repeatedly heard from friends that The 30 Day Shred was great.

I came home, researched a bit and found that I could buy it through Amazon Instant Video.  To top it off, the TV in the newly rearranged playroom is Internet/Amazon Instant Video equipped.  The planets were aligning :).  I started my workouts on August 20th, getting up at 6am before the kids, but while the husband was still home.  My workout time has shifted to whenever I can fit it in, but I have found fitting in the 27 minutes is pretty easy!

Just a few days into my Shred, I was brought into the fold of  Although I started a little sooner than everyone else in the group, I look forward to seeing everyone's journey and sharing my own.  Today will be day 11, starting level 2.  Is it the kiddos' bedtime yet?

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