Friday, August 31, 2012

Measurements & Before Picture...

Nope!  Sorry, just can't do it :oP!

Back in February, I took measurements prior to starting an Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  By the end of the 24 days, I had lost 12 inches and 10 pounds!!  I was thrilled to be back into clothes I hadn't worn since getting in shape after Kyle was born.  I took my sweet time on that too.  It was a solid 16 months after him, and with Rachel only 7 months.  In both instances, I picked an exercise goal and literally ran with it.  In 2009, it was a mini-gym-triathalon, and this time my first 5K.

Somehow though, the summer has gotten away from me.  Exercise was few and far between.  I didn't really gain any weight or inches back, but I just didn't feel great.  With the 30 Day Shred, the only goal is completion.  There is no test at the end.  The test will be those final measurements and pictures.

I am really not a shy person about my body.  I think I look pretty good for a nearly 40 year old with 2 kids under 5.  But I am a logical person, and I personally want to see the numbers and the change before I share it with you.  I will give you a teaser.  I took measurements and pictures on day 1, then measurements again on day 8 (first day of new Advocare Challenge), and pictures again on day 10 (last day of level 1).  At the second measurement, after only 7 days of The Shred, I had lost 5 inches overall.  And the pictures a few days later definitely show improvement.  Here's to the next set of pictures and measurements!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What is inspiring you to make a change to be strong .fit. fab?

My family was just on vacation at the beach with 16 other extended family members - 10 of which were children.  My cousin, who is only 1 year younger than me has 4 kids of her own ranging from 2-10.  While on the vacation, she was working out every day using the "Insanity" program.  I had also planned to workout/run, but alas ALL of my clothes were left behind at the house in NY.  Yes, everything, underwear, bathing suits and most importantly my workout clothes and shoes. 

Everyday, she found time to fit this video workout in, and I thought what is my excuse exactly?  I love to workout!  I love the way I feel after a workout!  Even if I can't get in a 3 mile run on the treadmill, do I really have a reason that I can't complete a 20-30 minute video?  Insanity seemed a little intense for my taste long term.  It had 10 DVDs and the workouts ranged from 37-55 minutes.  However, I had repeatedly heard from friends that The 30 Day Shred was great.

I came home, researched a bit and found that I could buy it through Amazon Instant Video.  To top it off, the TV in the newly rearranged playroom is Internet/Amazon Instant Video equipped.  The planets were aligning :).  I started my workouts on August 20th, getting up at 6am before the kids, but while the husband was still home.  My workout time has shifted to whenever I can fit it in, but I have found fitting in the 27 minutes is pretty easy!

Just a few days into my Shred, I was brought into the fold of  Although I started a little sooner than everyone else in the group, I look forward to seeing everyone's journey and sharing my own.  Today will be day 11, starting level 2.  Is it the kiddos' bedtime yet?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting in Shape - the Never Ending Saga

I am not the first to blog about her weight management expeditions, but this will be a first for me. I decided that documenting daily might help me to be more accountable. Yesterday, I set up Amazon Instant Video on the TV in the playroom, and downloaded Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. Today was day 1, Season 1. I haven’t quite figured the program. I don’t mean her system which is basically circuit training, but rather the Amazon thing. I hope tomorrow I just press resume and it will be episode 2. We shall see.

Anyway, so far, I like the plan. She does a mix of strength, cardio and abs. Realistically, each day is only 20 minutes. I can do that! I have never done much strength training so if I have any trouble, I would say that is it. My arms are a bit jittery. You would think I didn’t tote around a 21 lb child every day. I like not having to leave the house, but waking up at 6am, UGH! When you have kids, those last moments in bed are precious. Somehow, sleeping just doesn’t seem to tone the body though. I guess I have to get to bed earlier.

On Monday, I plan to start a new Advocare 24 Day Challenge. It is time to get back on track with my eating, as well. I am excited to have a friend joining the Challenge with me this time. I think it will be good to know someone else working it at the same time. I started to set up a spreadsheet for myself this morning. The examples I was given work, but needed a few tweaks. Once I have it set, I can share with others. Wish me luck!

OK, Day 2 – From what I gather, you essentially do the same Shred routine for 1 week, then move up to level 2. I wasn’t feeling super challenged yesterday, so I thought I would look at level 2 today. That sounded much better in my mind before I woke with sore abs and shoulders! I decided to do level 2 anyway. It was more challenging, but mostly from those blasted squat thrusts. I HATE those! I do not know how I managed those when I was young and in basketball camp.

Day 3 – I did level 1 again. I just don’t love Jillian is my issue, I think. I don’t know what it is. I like the routine well enough, but she annoys me. Maybe I am just a Denise Austin girl at heart.

Being that girl, I decided to search for videos I like by her on Netflix, Amazon and You Tube. One of my favorite yoga programs is! So this afternoon, somehow in the middle of the playroom and 2 playing kiddos, I did 20 minutes of yoga. Yes, it seems slightly counter-intuitive, but it worked. My sore muscles from the Shred loved the stretches and poses. I think I will try to hit the yoga up a every few days to keep limber.

In discussion with a friend later, I also got the great idea to mute Ms. Jillian and listen to something I like! We will be testing that out tomorrow morning. Sorry JM, you just aren’t my style.

PS. After I had written day 1, a friend contacted me to join her FB group. They are starting the Shred on Sept 1. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with others in the process. And yes, I took measurements and photos. You can't have those just yet :)