Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bye, Bye Big Girl Jeans

Before getting pregnant, one's life is consumed with getting pregnant. Then, for the 40 weeks of pregnancy, you are overtaken with the human-building process. After having a baby, whether it is your first or last, you deal with sleep changes, body changes, etc, etc. Finally, there comes a time to reclaim yourself. I don't just mean body, but also mind and well just about everything else. I am so there!

I don't think it happened this fast for me after Kyle, but then again, I didn't have a Kyle to take care of too. He is full time work all by himself! This time, thankfully I was in much better shape from exercising throughout my pregnancy with Stroller Strides and yoga. I started back as soon as I could with SS, but quickly moved onto Bootcamp. Hey - I was hitting the Jamaica beach only 3 months after! I needed results.

As much as I did see those results, I hadn't quite gotten everything else in order. Jamaica/Thanksgiving came and went, then a trip to Disney, then Christmas... blur, blur, blur. I blinked and somehow March has arrived along with something that appears to be spring in upstate NY! HA! This can't be because last year there was snow in April. I remember because I thought I would lose my ever-lovin' mind at that last snow. Nonetheless, the weather has successfully hovered in the high 50s all week with sun to boot.

A few weeks before this fabulous weather, I happened upon a post on FB from my sister's friend. She is my friend too, but with the way FB works these days, it is even a miracle I saw it! Anyway, she mentioned something called Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I did a quick Google search - read a little, then went on my merry albeit foggy way. I have to admit, I ignored it partially because my aunt had her FB account hacked by a diet type spammer. A little piece of me wondered if it was happening to her too. Then another week goes by, and I see more. So... I messaged her, and was directed to her sister who has had success with their products.

No, this isn't a commercial for Advocare. But I will tell you that I am loving the stuff so far. I actually have energy. And you know what? I haven't had a cup of caffeinated coffee in all that time. I am not a big coffee drinker, but I would normally have probably the equivalent of 3 cups a day - all before noon. I am able to maintain that energy throughout my days too. I have yet to decide if it because the Challenge forces me to eat on regular intervals (instead of breakfast at 2pm - come on moms, you know that is the truth!) or if it is from the vitamin and mineral supplements (and maybe the caffeine in Spark). I am a little at the point of who cares though.

Of course, part of the reason I started this Challenge wasn't simply for energy, but also because let's be honest things are not quite where they used to be after baby number 2. I needed help and the treadmill that we also just got wasn't going to do it by itself! I am happy to say that the combination of Advocare and treadmill has pleasantly placed me into blue jeans that were bought 1 year after Kyle's birth (a whole dang year it took me!). Woot! I love those jeans. And I love even more saying bye, bye to the ones that are too big. I like to think I am a confident woman, but there is something about a smaller pants size that makes me feel fabulous! Insert clinking glasses here :)

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  1. Good for you! That's awesome to get into smaller jeans. I hope I can find your kind of motivation to get me moving again...


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