Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Time :)

To start writing again... And apparently, everyone thinks so since the blogs, they are a abloomin'. LOL I haven't posted in a while. I have a few in draft, but they were in response to some tragic events that friends were experiencing. I did them more for my heart, and was afraid of hurting theirs. They know that I think of them often though, and always carry their boys in my heart.

I realized tonight that I surround myself with a group of "advisors" as you will. Between us, we have 14 children. And that is ONLY 5 moms! That isn't including the "family" advisors... the sisters and cousins and moms. Thank goodness for them all though. I turn to these women for all things childrearing. Some have been there and done that, some are being there and doing that. Amazingly, everyone's kids are normal - of course, that is based on what I think is normal :)

When I have a question, I go to the panel. For instance, Rachel just started on baby food. I have completely forgotten how this works for the record, so I put out the alert. One advisor says feed after the bottle, and another says she can't get hers to touch the stuff. Funny, because I am almost positive that I fed baby food first, then the bottle. Despite the occassional willie shiver (You know the "Woo, just had something I am not sure I liked" full body shiver), she seems to be fine with the food than bottle concept. It just doesn't seem that any one of us has the right answer. Our children are all happy and obviously well-fed :)

What I find so refreshing or maybe ironic is that none of us do it the same! I think they are the "advisors" for that very reason. I think that the 14 kids are doing pretty darn well despite our different methods. And whether they co-sleep or are in a crib, whether they are breast or bottle fed, or whatever situation... they are well because, well... Mom and Dad are too. That is the only common thread I can say we all share.

Even in saying that, we all have varying situations to our home life - husbands work full time+, mom working full time, mom working part time, husband's traveling, etc, etc. We work in teams with our spouses even when we want to, I don't know, smother them with a pillow. (I know, now my defense will never hold up in court! Luckily, I have a trusted advisor on staff that is a lawyer). In all seriousness, I think that is the secret to success in raising your children. It isn't taking time for mommy or daddy, it isn't in pampering oneself... it is in being a solid family unit, and constantly sharing that love with one another. I can't say I have to look further than my own mom and dad or my sisters and their husbands for prime examples, but since they aren't nearby, the advisors serve as that surrogate family.

Thank you to my "advisors" and my family for reminding me daily what is important. And thank you to my beautiful family for keeping me much younger than the temples of my hair let on.

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